Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girls Night Out At WaveHouse

Thanks Jessie's bf for driving us to Sentosa. Seriously, I have not been to Sentosa for months already. Miss everything, I machiam like a tourist, so fascinated with everything here.

Spending my relaxing evening at wavehouse.

Watching people challenging the FlowRider, gripping their balance in the rushing waves. Something that is very hard to achieve.

Heading to the bar to order our vodka.
Super hot, we need a drink badly.

The sun was setting soon. It's so calming sitting by the beach, enjoying the breeze and drinking Peach Tree Woo Woo. Speaking of which, it was so funny when ordering the drink. We had to pronounce the Peach Tree "Woo Woo" in a very funny way in order to get our drink. Lol.

Away from the hustle and bustle city.

Have a group photos with the gals. Get to know 2 pretty young mothers.

I love chilling by the beach. So relaxing and peaceful.

My second time capturing a sunset. The scenary was beautiful. Don't you agree?

With Jessie.

And Linda.

The "hot" mothers.

This scene was gorgeous too.

The sun goes down, the stars come out.
And all that counts, is here and now.

The sun is too glamorous, that explains why our sunglasses were on.

Lost count of how many times we walked to and fro from our seats to the bar or to the FlowRider corner.

Ended my evening with a walk back to the car park.

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