Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lucify Reunion Concert

Super excited for Sunday to reach because I will be at Lucify Reunion Concert. I must say I have an enjoyable night with my friends listening to all the rocking songs. Sincerely thanks The Red Planet Group and AUX Media Group for the invitation.

Got ourselves a comfortable spot while waiting for the concert to start.

Here was the great platform for the band to showcase their skills later on.

Still looked good without sufficient sleep. Slept at 5am last night to catch the Election result.

Concert was going to start soon, so we headed down for a better view. Check out the supporters of Lucify. Cameras and whistles all at stand-by.


Everybody screams when the boys were out.

Every little actions by the boys made the crowds high. Totally love the atmosphere now there.

The members of Lucify are:

Shinya - Vocals
Misaki - Guitarist
Kelvin - Guitarist
Kuek - Bassist
Vics - Drummer

Do you still remembered they emerged 3rd position in 非常 superband 1 hosted by channel U?

Without further ado, lets tuned in to "J-rock" music now.

Awesome songs under the vibrant light.

I loved going to live concert. The atmosphere is totally different from watching at home. You can scream and cheer together with the others.

Lucify sang one of Mayday's songs 第一 天 and 说好的幸福呢 by Jay Chou. Their performance was fabulous, they must have put in lots of efforts for this reunion concert.

We couldn't resist more songs. Seriously, one and the half hour isn't really enough ;)

The j-rock songs were absolutely rocking. It carried away by pre-Monday blues that I suffered every Sunday.

After which, we went up to 2nd storeys for a drink with my fellow friends.


Took a photo with Christina.

And Joey.

That was Kuek in the middle of the photos. Saw his supporters (including a friend of mine) making a mini banner for him.

That's Vics. His dad was at the concert, showing support to Vics and it happened that it's his dad birthday tomorrow, so Lucify and the audience sang a "Happy Birthday" song for his dad.

Waving to his dad.

The audience were very supportive till the end.

Lucify's performance is indeed a blast one. I'm beginning to love this group.

Aarghh, Shinya was waving at my direction. Omg, I felt so elated. Haha.

Do I sound like a little fans?

The concert was drawing to an end.

Check out the supportive crowds.

Lucify ended the reunion concert with the crackers.

Round of applause to Lucify for the great performance.

Here's a group photo of Lucify and their supporters.

Lucify with the organisers and sponsors.

Lucify Reunion series were presented by Aux Media Group & St James, creating a performance platform for local talents to showcase their music on a professional stage. This series also aims to reunite the artistes and their friends and supporters via an interactive, up-close and personal concert. The Red Planet Group (红星球音乐) is the supporting partner for this event.

Without them, the event will not be a success. Lets show our appreciation to all the organisers:

The Red Planet Group (红星球音乐)

AUX Media Group -

Guess what?

We were granted an interview session with Lucify. I was feeling thrilled and exciting as I had the opportunity to get up-close with Lucify!!!

We went to the backstage.

So the three of us take turns to ask questions.

From the interview:Lucify awarded themselves full mark for today's performance. I guess all of us felt so too, the boys had put in lots of efforts and hardwork to make this concert a memorable one.

Lucify hopes that in future concerts, they will be able to sing their own songs instead of singing the songs of others. And also to come out with their new album.

Go Lucify! You can do it!

Another round of applause for Lucify again.

The bloggers had a group photo with Lucify ♥

Lucify Reunion Concert was a great success. Thanks all for creating a memorable night for us, I really enjoyed the concert ♥

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