Thursday, October 20, 2011

FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer

We have come to nearly the end of October, Halloween is slowly creeping into the city. It's time to unnerve the ghosts and spirits that will take your innermost fears beyond the next level!

Are you ready to welcome the season of horror?
Thanks Gf for extending her invitaion to me to check out frightfest in the city. For the first time, Singapore Flyer’s award-winning rainforest will be transformed into an eerie hideout of the scariest.

We have reached the entrance of the ghostly hide-out. While waiting for our turn to enter, I was having the mix fusion of thrill and fright brewing in me.

Relieving ourselves with some fun. I was having the thought of taking down one of the talisman and bring it into the trail so I can paste it on vampire that I see along the way. But didn't do it in the end.

Confront your fear @ FrightFest and meet the Asian ghosts -the Chinese ‘Gui’, Japanese ‘Yurei’ and Malay ‘Hantus’.

We are about to begin our journey into the land of the “walking dead”:

The first ghost that we met was this scary Ah Ma. She was hitting the little man 打小人 and speaking in Cantonese.

If you think she will always be squatting down and let you pass freely, then you are wrong! This wass the place where Gf and us got separated, and caused her nearly back out. Lucky we went back for her.

She was haunting me when I walked past. Brace myself to threshold the horror. See the picture above, even after I walked past, she was still looking at me. Argh, please don't seek me as your human substitute!

Spirit Tablet and offerings for the long-hair ghost, hope this will ease your hatred, sorrow and anger.

Like what I guessed earlier on, there was really vampire jumping out. Should have take the talisman just now and paste it on his face. Don't bite me please!

Next, we passed by this bloody-face lady in filial clothes (孝服), with hands carrying joss stick and joss paper, mourning to every passerby. No wonder at the entrance, I already heard funeral chanting sound, must have come through from here.

After that was a cheongsam lady in red umbrella standing quietly waiting for your arrival. Another fury looking spirit.

Skeletons and bodies scattered around the pond.

Just when I thought that everything has ended. Another undead was spotted.

Of so many people, she came for me. I'm so down to luck today, being chased by the undead everywhere. Argh, why are they so attracted to me????

I summoned all my courage and braced myself up.

Along the pathway were the chinese tombstones and a "missing hand".

A Japanese doll lying dead in the bloody bathtub.

After seeing what I went through, are you already shivering????

More along the way.....

Well, after the bathtub, naturally it comes the toilet bowl. This one is equally scary too, the head stucked in the bowl.

Hopefully you will not get phobia when going to the toilet.

Waaa, the ghost came following us again and she came face to face with me again. This time round, I pushed away her hair that was covering her face to take a closer look at her.

We had finally reached the end of the undead land. We had all made it through. It's time to calm our souls at the Journey of Dreams interactive gallery or on board the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, where we can revel in the mesmerizing cityscape and breathtaking night views.

With GF and Michelle.

With Clarissa and Jeremy.

With William.

Wow, the view is impressive. Thanks William for helping me to capture this brilliant shot (:

This is my second time on boarding the wheel but my first time taking it at night. It gave me a totally different feeling. Singapore has spectacular night view too.

We went to the lounge for chilling session and also to try out the Halloween special brew.

Halloween brew is heavenly delicious and refreshing.

There was a best halloween dress competition for the participants that day:

The winner is Rachel and her baby.

And the 2nd winner.

Oh gosh, all of them looked pretty scary. Maybe FrightFest can consider including them in the fright trail.

Here comes the family portrait of Ah Ma, daughter and grandchild.

Do you get shiver from their deadly stare?
Well, my hair stands when seeing this picture.

Meet Christ and her pet, spider.

With the horrified looking family. Omg, I can't imagine if I am Rachel, I am suppose to carry the baby through the whole journey.

I think I will have nightmare. Okay, I know I'm a scaredy-cat.

With Darren, the funny and entertaining ghost.

I bet no cab or bus will stop for him if he is going home like that.

The ghosts and spirits from the undead land came to join us for the after party.

Which one do you think is the scariest among all?

To me, I will think is the long hair white lady. Mind you, I was harassed by two at the undead land. Naturally I will fear for them.

Caught hold of the vampire. With the talisman on, he is obedient now.

With the chinese hell guard - 黑無 常.
So funny, we asked him when is his buddy 白無常. He was like huh, it's supposed to come in two? Lol.
Alright, that's the end of my FrightFest journey.
Come and confront your fear if you dare:
Check out Fright Fest @ Singapore Flyer on 28, 29, 30 October 2011 from 7.30pm to 10:30pm.
Price per person: $25 nett
(Includes admission to FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer rainforest, and 1 Halloween special brew (non-alcoholic). Prices exclude Singapore Flyer flights)

Come purchase your ticket at Singapore Flyer ticketing counters or via our call centre +65 6333 3311


  1. Wah! They make it so...........

  2. Actually I think this is consider quite okay. I think other places are even more scary than this.

  3. Wah! There are even more scary one? Wah wah wah. Scare~

  4. Nop. I didn't saw any that's 'such real' over here. Perhaps, it may only be found in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.



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