Sunday, September 25, 2011

Johnnie Walker Jet Black F1 Party

On a Saturday night, we arrived at One on the bund, The Fullerton Bay Hotel for the Johnnie Walker's exclusive Jet Black event.

Thanks to my gf for extending her invitation to me, allowing me to have such a golden opportunity to experience such a high-end and ultimate VIP race party.

What's a F1 race weekend with no race party?

As the party suggested "Jet Black", everyone of us dress in black without saying in advance.

With my gf.

We are about to step inside Johnnie Walker Jet Black and begin our race party.

We are given a RFID tag which is used for scanning and linking us to facebook. It will checked-in to our facebook account when we scanned our tag at the various activities booth.

There are different speciality of Johnnie Walker Black Label cocktails available: Johnnie Sour, Johnnie Walker Red Flag and Johnnie Walker Pit Stop.

And my pick is Johnnie Walker Red Flag.

Johnnie Walker Black Label mixing with fresh grapefruit, peach and lemon juice.

I preferred Red Flag to the others as I loved the sweetness in the cocktail.

Glad that we are early, gotten ourselves a table.

Camwhoring session begins ♥

Trying out the photo booth.

With Jess.

Love hanging out with her. We shared the same interest and even the same taste. We have neverending topic to chat ♥

Cheers Terence.

Lol, was like seeing him the whole day today - Forex and lunch.

With Huney at the Whisky tasting session.

Huney is so cute, she thought I was drunk as my face was so flushed.
I think I am allegric to alcohol, the minute I drink, my face started flush -_-

Time for whisky appreciation:

Step 1: Take the first outer glass, swirl it. Hold it near your nose and take it the smell.

Step 2: Take a sip of the wine, hold it at your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing down. You will be able to taste the sweet, sour, salt and bitter of the wine.

Step 3: Take another sip again and compare the difference in the taste.

Drink some plain water before trying the other glasses of wine. This is to wash away the bits of wine left at your tongue.

The first 3 glassses we tried is actually Johnnie Walker Black Label while the last glass is the Gold Label.

Don't really fancy the Gold Label as there is this spiciness in it.

Food are being served to us constantly.

Couldn't resist the food (:

Met up with Lynn again.

Check out the crowds at the stylish party.

We had a rocking night, thanks to the DJ.

Went to check out what people were doing at outdoor.

Oh well, basically outdoor is a smoking corner so many are smoking outside.

Argh, can't stand the smell!

Better head back inside.

Caught Vernon at the party. So fast seeing him again (:

With Johnnie Walker ambassador who taught us whisky tasting. He's a nice and friendly guy. He came to find us after his next whisky tasting to catch up with us at our table (:

With Divian.

Patricia Mok was at the party too.

Left rather early at about 12am. If I do not have later on in the morning, I will seriously love to stay on and continue the party. But anyway, I have a great night spent with my friends. Hope you guys enjoy too.



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