Friday, December 9, 2011

A Song to Remember - 1930s Evening

Finally after a week of hard work, Friday is here.
BFF and I had an awesome night at the 1930s theme party.

Are you interested to find out more, read about it here:

My friends and I attended a closed door event organized by Mediacorp - "A Song To Remember 星州之夜" A 1930s Evening.

The purpose of this event is to generate awareness for their upcoming China drama blockbuster, A Song To Remember which is based in the 1930s.
When arriving at Zouk, the place has been nicely set up in the 1930s theme. I felt like I have taken a time machine which transported me to the 1930s era.
Before we immersed ourselves into the 1930s nightlife, lets fill our stomach with the wide varieties of food.

Upon registration, we were also given 10 chips which we can used for playing games later.

With Jess, Shu Han and Me.

Huat ar!
Bless us with all your luck.

After our dinner, we decided to head down and check out the booth.

First stop, we spotted Kachang Puteh man. You can easily identify him through the display of many different types of nuts and the cone shape packaging.

Cheongsam wore by the artistes in the show were also displayed out.

Trishaw outfit and suite display.

Samantha was at the event too, have not seen her for quite a long time.

So we grabbed this opportunity for photo-taking.

Tried playing Roulette.
A casino game where players may choose to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even.

Simply love this game.

Admitted I lost a few rounds on and off initially. But after that, my luck started to come after studying and changing of tactics. I have even won 3 rounds straight.

Hate that I am not a risk taker. If I bet more, I will have won even more.
Switch to dice game.

Not really familiar with this so I only bet on Big and Small.
Not only that, we have 1930s dance and live singing performance by Shi Xinhui 石欣卉.

I really got the feel that I am back to 1930s era where I get to experience the nightlife of the early days.

夜上海,夜上海, 你是个不夜城
华灯起,车声声, 歌舞升平

Here come the hosts: Ivy and Jiahui from YES933.

They have come dressed in the theme.

And let welcome the 4 casts from the show - Desmond Tan, May Phua, Julie Tan and Priscilla Chan who will be sharing with us about their roles and interesting stories during their filming.

The ladies were all so beautifully dolled up.

Don't you agree?

Due to my hectic schedule, I had only watched a few episodes so far. I must say I enjoyed watching the plot. Will continue to support the drama.

Lets proceed on to the next exciting highlight.

The Final Contest - Auction time!

Numerous Takashimaya vouchers to be given out to the owner with the highest bid.
We didn't bid for the others but quietly waited for the grand prize which is $300 Takashimaya vouchers .

We have so much fun bidding for it. We were astounished but the number of people bidding for it and the number of chips being called up. Another groups od guys approached me and ask if I want to join force with them. So we combined all our chips together.

Guess what?

We have successfully bidded the auction with 450 chips. Yeah yeah, we won the first prize $300 vouchers.

After splitting up, we got ourselves $100 vouchers.

We have an awesome mad time at the theme party. Thanks Mediacorp for hosting such a great event. Do remember to catch the drama "A song to remember 星州之夜" on channel 8 at 9pm every weekday.

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