Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fort Canning Photoshoot with the Trio

I have a fruitful day spent with GF and William today.
We have some really nice photoshoot done at Fort Canning Park.

Actually all along, we have been planning to go for an outdoor shoot together with several places in mind. Since today the three of us are free in the afternoon. We decided to head to Fort Canning Park for our first trio shoot.

Here are some of the awesome photos we took:

While William is setting up, I have my usual camwhoring with GF.

To match the theme of our shoot, we are all dressed in white today.

I loved the greenery of the park. At here, I felt the peace that I longed for which eased my mind from the stressful nature of our fast-paced society.

Can you feel the love <3

Welcome to Fort Canning Park.
It's a nice place worth visiting.

The trio - William, GF, and I.

Number ourselves - 3, 2, 1

Love all these pictures. We looked uniformly good in white against the background. Couldn't resist to take more pictures!!!

Lets keep our friendship going.

We have so much fun and laughter during the shoot.

Found this little platform where we try out some cool poses:

Inspired from Steven Lim and Aaron Tan - 我要打十个 

How about Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu?

So white and pure.

I was teasing them when took this picture. It seems like a family portrait - like Daddy and Mummy bringing me out for an excusion (:

Embraced by the beautiful sunset with sunlight streaming.

If you are like us, fancy for a relaxing place to visit and spend your day idyllically. Do consider coming to Fort Canning Park and visit one of Singapore's most historic landmarks.


  1. Your pictures are very repetative. You should try experimenting shooting from different angles. You'll be surprised how shooting the same shot with the same pose and just changing the angle can make such a huge difference.
    Also I saw some creative poses but the facials didn't help. For example compare the pictures inspired by Steven Lim and Aaron Tan (which was meant to be either silly or intense) and the picture you labeled so white and pure. Notice how you and your friends have the same facial expression in both of these pictures. Just make sure you define what is meant to be intense as intense, what is meant to be silly as silly, and whats is meant to be more natural as more natural. There is a fine line between all of these and facials is a big part of all of it
    Have fun with the camera . Loosen up a bit and you'll have some great shots!



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