Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tiger Beer Live It Up Party at Wavehouse

Tiger Beer Live it up party is back again.
The party has gathered a crowd of 500 tiger beer lovers at Sentosa Wavehouse on a Saturday afternoon. The party is part of its new campaign titled "Languages".

"The unique "Languages" commercials demonstrate the appreciation of a good beer no matter the location or language spoken by a person. Therefore, through the Live It Up party, Tiger beer aims to provide a new social and beer experience for the Tiger Beer fans in Singapore.

Many fun games are present at the beach party to entertain the crowds.

We are in need of the icy cold Tiger Beer to chill ourselves from the hot and sunny weather. Oops, forget to mention one important thing, Tiger Beer is Free-Flow!!!

Drink them all if you can.

Refreshing myself with a bottle of Tiger Crystal.

Exciting ball passing pool game is going on.

Found a spot and settled myself down while the boys are standing under the blue umbrella taking pictures.

With Jeremy.

Tiger Beer babes.

Haha, everybody is taking their icy cold beer.

Huh, what exactly is catching my attention?

Woo, it's another challenging game. So the 2 players up will have to find their way to make their opponent falls. And the one who stays the longest will win the match.

Opening up another 2 bottles.

I have a hot date with Tiger Beer.

A cheers to Tiger Beer for the awesome beach party.

After that, we carry on with our all time favourite doings - camwhoring!

With Terence.

Not to mention, we also tale some polaroid shots. We leave the pictures for sun-tanning.

With Hong Peng.

With GF.

I like this group shot of us, it's so nicely taken. Thanks Jeremy for the great shot.

Wow, this guy seems to handle pretty well with the flowrider. He looks so cool in it.

That's Terence and Andrew inserting their lucky draw coupons into the box. Shake shake and huat ar!

We have been under the sun for hours. Lets squeeze together and stand under the umbrellas for some shades.

When the sun shines, we will shine together. Live it up, Tiger Beer.

With Andrew.

What beats going to a party with a group of friends.
With Edison.

Edison's idea of taking the shadow shot.

We lost count of the number of bottles that we drank.

Shaun and his friend went to take up the challenge too. After a round of struggle, Shaun has won the match.

Thanks Tiger Beer, we enjoyed ourselves at the party, it was a great afternoon gathering with old friends and also making new friends at the same time.



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