Sunday, October 7, 2012

7-Eleven - Discover what's in store & more!

A hungry man is an angry man!

Do you know how the feeling is when you are so hungry in the middle of the night, all the eateries and hawker centre are closed, and there is nothing left at home to be consumed???

Yes, it is terrible x 1,000.

But thankfully, 7-Eleven is always just around us to meet our needs for convenience.

Ding Dong!
Visiting 7-Eleven at 12 in the morning. I'm so glad that it operates 24 hours.

7-Eleven has an extensive network of more than 550 stores all over the island, you can easily find a 7-Eleven store near your home, school or workplace. 

7-Eleven is now the store of choice, not just for last minute needs but for a wide ranging lifestyle needs such as exclusive snacks, meals on-the-go, CashCard top-ups and bill payment services.

Be sure to check out the hot deals at 7-Eleven.
Pop by 7-Eleven for grocery trip.

Looking for snacks? 

Nibble on your favourite cookies and biscuits.

Chips and snackers are one of my favourite corner. So many varieties to choose from.
But Hot and Spicy Potato Chips is still always my favourite.

How about chocolate?
Which is your favourite?

So many things to choose from.

Happy tour at 7-Eleven. Time to head back home and fill my stomach with the snacks I bought.

Hot and Spicy Potato Chips to accompany me through the night.

I love how 7-Eleven offers us the BEST products and services in all 7-Eleven stores through SPEED.

If I win the contest, the country that I will like to go is

South Korea.

Because I want to experience Korea rich cultural history and shopping all day long.
A beautiful country which I wish to visit and capture all the beautiful moments.

All right, time to eat my chips.

For more information, please visit

7-Eleven, it's a store and more.

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