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12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 (第12届 全球华语 歌曲排行榜颁奖典礼)

Finally, the 12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 was here in Singapore.

Talented artistes from different regions (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore) gathered at Singapore Indoor Stadium on a Friday night to grace the awards ceremony. Mandarin-pop fans would be treated to a night of awesome live performances by favourite and familiar singers.

A total of 40 awards would be given out to recognize the efforts that the artistes had put in for the year.
Let us take a look at the list of winners of the night:

Most Potential New Artiste Award:
 Wanting Qu 
Shane Cao 
Kimberly Chen

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award:
Wanting Qu (Beijing)
Dong Shan Shao Ye (Guandong)
Fiona Sit (Hong Kong)
Anson Hu (Shanghai)
Aska Yang (Taiwan)
Olivia Ong (Singapore)
Wu Jia Hui (Malaysia)

Best Lyrics Award:
Giddens Ko - 'Those Years'

Best Music Composition Award:
Tanya Chua - 'Shuo Dao Ai' 

Best Music Arrangement Award:
Michael Lin - 'Shadow Puppetry'

Fiona Sit 薛凯琪 brought us the song 《Better Me》. 

Revealing the Top 20 Hits of the Year:

Valentine’s Day - 阿杜 
海枯石烂 - Olivia Ong 
学不会 - 林俊杰 
别找我麻烦 - 蔡健雅 
我们怎么Love - 伍家辉 
花千树 - 容祖儿 
孤独患者 - 陈奕迅 
3650 - Twins 
那个男人 - 杨宗纬 
我们都傻 - 杨丞琳 
My Love - Hebe 田馥甄 
诺亚方舟 - 五月天 
有我在 - 罗志祥 
Maybe的机率 -大嘴巴 
我的歌声里 -曲婉婷 
那些年 - 胡夏 
好不容易 - 张靓颖 
只是太爱你 - 张敬轩 
好难得 - 丁当 
好朋友只是朋友 - 郁可唯

The 18 years old Kimberly Chen took the stage, the potential newbie.

Most Popular Band Award:

Most Popular Duet Award:
《你被写在我的歌里》- Sodagreen and Ella Chen

Credits Xinmsn for the photo.

Mr. is a rock hard from Hong Kong. The members are Desmond Tam, Tom To, Alan Po, Ronny Lay and Quincy Tam.

My first impression of them was: "Er, one of their hairstyle look like G-Dragon!"

Do you think so too?

Rock band performance.

Most Popular Group Award:
Da Mouth 
Super Junior-M

Twins was back in Singapore. Both Gillian and Charlene were busy with their solo career, Singapore's fans were lucky to catch the girls live in action.

Credits xinmsn for the photo.

大嘴巴 were in their brightening outfits. It lightened up the whole atmosphere of the indoor stadium. 
Aisha is so beautiful!

Most Popular Composing Artiste Award:
Tanya Chua 
Shane Cao 
Penny Tai

Best Album Producer Award:
Mayday - Second Round

Best Lyrics Award:
 Giddens Ko - 'Those Years' 《那些年》

Best Music Composition Award:
Tanya Chua - 'Shuo Dao Ai' 

Best Music Arrangement Award:
Michael Lin - 'Shadow Puppetry' 

Outstanding Achievement Award:
Kit Chan

Baboo by 大嘴巴.
Come on, put your hands up!

Lively and energetic performance by Da Mouth.

Best Stage Performing Artiste Award:
Show Luo 
Joey Yung

 Most Popular Male Artiste Award:
 Show Luo

Most Popular Female Artiste Award:
Joey Yung

Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes Award:
Joey Yung 
Li Yu Chun 
Jane Zhang 
Rainie Yang 
Hebe Tian

Rainie Yang is my all-time favourite female artistes from Taiwan. I had been a fan of Rainie ever since her drama - Devil Besides You.

Rainie has become more matured in both appearance and music production.

Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes Award:
Eason Chan 
JJ Lin 
Show Luo 
Hu Xia 
Aska Yang

Charismatic Voice Award:
Ding Dang

It's Ding Dang's turn to perform. Super love her song - 好难得.


Most Talented Artiste Award:
Rainie Yang
JJ Lin

Meet JJ's dad and mom.
They were one of the V.V.I.P. at the awards ceremony because many atistes thanked them in their speech. They were so random and funny. Show Luo was the first to get it started.

Best Album Award:
Eason Chan - ? 
JJ Lin - Never Learn

That's Joey with her board. 
Go JJ <3

Indulge in his lovely songs. JJ is one of the male singer that I like, all his songs were so nice that I would never get tired of listening.

Yes, finally met my idol that I had gone crazy with when I was younger.

Rainie Yang - 《我们都傻》

Media Recommendation Award:

Miss the pairing performance.

Twins was one of the biggest winner of the night along with Tanya Chua, JJ Lin, Eason Chan, Show Luo and Joey Yung.

Wth the lovelies - GF, me and Zerika.

Outstanding Achievement Award:
Kit Chan

Kit Chan's contribution to the music industry was being recognized. I loved her old song -《喜欢你》and《心痛》

Joey also thanked JJ's parent for having such a talented song who wrote for her a song - Is this love.

Xiao Zhu is another reason why we were here.
Best thing always saved at the last.

Show Luo's dance performance rocked the whole stadium. Everybody grooved with the music.

Do you know why I love Show Luo so much?

One of the reason is because we shared the same birthday. Remember to pop by my blog on 30th July to say happy birthday to me (:

Show ♥♥♥

Too engrossed watching his performance. Everything about him is awesome!

Great show but 2 songs was not enough. We want more!!!

Best Male Artiste Award:
Eason Chan 

Best Female Artiste Award:
Tanya Chua

Thanks William for the photo.

I had an awesome night with my friends. We had a night of great music and watching our idols' performance live. Watching live was so much difference then watching in front of television, we can cheer together with the fans.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners. 

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