Monday, November 5, 2012

An Aromatic Journey with Kiehl's

Can you guess which Kiehl's outlet am I at now?

I am at the new store of Kiehl's located at Plaza Singapura. 

Kiehl’s first opened its door at Plaza Singapura on 14 November 2009, however due to the expansion plans of Plaza Singapura, Kiehl’s closed its doors in May 2012 to prepare for the move to the new wing of Plaza Singapura. Finally after 5 months, Kiehl’s is ready to serve the community at the new location, #01-66 on 29 October 2012.

Let's take a look at the reopening and relocation of new Kiehl's store, and check out some of their opening specials that Kiehl's had prepared for their customers: 

Say cheese and the friendly Kiehl's boys will snap your photo (:

Warm up the new store with your polaroids taken with your favourite Kiehl's product.

Stick around the store and be treated with the little “sweet” things in life, with compliments from Kiehl’s, They had their specially Kiehl’s M&M’s dispenser machine.

One exclusive feature at the newly refurbished store would be its 5.4m high ceilings of framed photographs displayed to chronicle the long-standing history, heritage and spirit of Kiehl’s over the past 161 years!

It has this homely feel that makes people want to step in to the store.

A cocktail booth was set up. 
Just nice, I needed a drink.

The bartender had got us lychee blended cocktail.
It tasted sweet and refreshing.

GF and I got our boarding pass. Time to check in. We were ready to embark on our pure scent journey around the world - 4 cities. 4 stories and 4 distinct.

Kiehl’s is proud to offer its cherished patrons a sensorial trip around the world through the introduction of its efficacious, scented body collection, Aromatic Blends. With each scented pairing, Aromatic Blends take the customers on a wonderful journey to the source of Kiehl’s ingredients – the lush countryside of Provence, a desert oasis in Morocco, the dense jungle of Uganda and the tranquil gardens of Kyoto.

Each Aromatic Blends set comes with the Fragrance, Cleansers and Body Lotions.

The fragrance is a pure and sensual aromatic mist crafted with a strong focus on the quality of two unique key ingredients for a simple, clear, yet sophisticated construction.

The rich, lathering, foaming body cleanser, formulated without sulfates, gently cleanses and conditions the skin. Proven to offer 24 hours of skin softness.

The superbly hydrating and soothing body lotion delivers 24 hours of hydration and nourishment to the skin - without the use of silicones.

Our first stop: Kyoto Japan

Floral Scent: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit.

Some of the most alluring scents around the world are derived from the most delicate ingredients. Kiehl’s fell in love with the Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit scents for their unique and distinctive qualities. Kiehl’s was able to use natural extraction for the Pink Grapefruit, however, Nashi Blossom was far too delicate for a typical extraction. This unmistakable scent required an advanced aromatic reproduction. Therefore, Kiehl’s utilized a unique extraction technology where odorous molecules can be extracted at room temperature but under precise pressure conditions.

I loved the floral scent. The scent is captivating.

Second stop: Morocco.

Sweet Scent: Orange Flower and Lychee.

When Kiehl’s was sourcing the world over to find natural, yet efficacious ingredients, the team was introduced to a unique orange blossom essence. This blend was so special and exceptionally fragrant because it was formulated using three different parts of the Bitter Orange tree vs. the typical single orange essence. The Bitter Orange tree is known to produce oranges that deliver a more potent “orange” aroma. By incorporating the stem, leaf and flower in developing our orange flower aroma, Kiehl’s ensures the purest scent expression.

The team had placed 5 raw ingredients and we had to guess which 3 were the ingredients used for making Orange Flower and Lychee.

I'm caught in between. 
Shall I go for the floral or sweet scent?

Third stop: Uganda.

Smoky Scent: Vanilla and Cedarwood.

Kiehl’s aims for fair-trade and sustainable sourcing ingredients for its high quality preparations. Kiehl’s was introduced to a special location in Uganda, a community producing a superior natural vanilla oil. Kiehl’s goal to always use the finest ingredients led the company to select this very special natural vanilla from this Uganda community. This Ugandan vanilla with its smooth, nearly smoky aroma is distinctive and rare and is a direct contrast to commonly and commercially used vanilla extract, which is more sweet and floral.

Last stop: Provence, South of France.

Herbal Scent: Fig Leaf and Sage.

Kiehl’s chemists make great efforts to develop efficacious, no-nonsense formulations utilizing only the finest ingredients. In search of the purest scent expression, of launching the Fig Leaf and Sage fragrance, Kiehl’s was looking to capture not only an ingredient’s original scent, but the impact that ingredient had on the surrounding environment. To achieve this, Kiehl’s found a perfumer who spent his childhood in Provence. This fragrance captured the aroma of Provence and is intended to evoke or even create a memory for each Kiehl’s patron.

The scent was really calming and unique. It smells like you had just been to Garden by the Bay.

Kiehl's surprised us with the jar of cake. 
That's so cute and lovely, I got myself a strawberry cake.

Yummy bites awaiting us.

Credits William for the photo.

Look! Who's that?
It's Yutaki.

William's turn to have his portrait drawn.

Let's not forget the friendly skeleton, Mr. Bones, who greets every customer at the store entrance, representing Kiehl’s commitment to science and education and doubles up as an autograph-able medium for celebrities who proudly want to declare and spread their love for Kiehl’s.

Drop by to Kiehl's @ Plaza Singapura now.

We had our photo with the friendly Kiehl's boys.

"Love what you do, put your heart into it and you will be rewarded."

We had a great shopping experience at Kiehl's.
It's your turn now.

This new collection of fragrances and fragrant body formulas are really worth the try. Kiehl's uses high quality of ingredients with simple and unique constructions to achieve the inspiring fragrance. 

Come and experience the purity of the fragrance and witness the result yourself.

The design of the new store really captured my attention. The chamber-like interior is unique and one-of-its-kind.

Staying true to Kiehl's "try before you buy" sampling philosophy, Kiehl's invite every customer for complimentary skincare samples upon a personalized skincare consultation.

Come embark on your journey to Kiehl's.

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