Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outing to Jurong Bird Park

Weekend is always my favourite period of the week.

The busy urban life is making it difficult for us to make plan to meet up with friends for catch up. Thus, weekend is the best time for us to find time to catch up with friends and release stress.

On a Sunday morning, I met up with my 3 lovelies for an outing to Jurong Bird Park. I was super excited for it, this was my first time visiting the Bird Park. Can you believe?

We took bus 194 from Boon Lay bus intercharge to the Bird Park. It was quite a painful wait, the waiting time for the bus was like 20-25 minutes. Nevertheless, we still reached our destination.

We were here at the world's largest bird paradise that housed 5,000 birds across 380 species that fly, swim and roam freely in their naturalistic habitats.

May our wonderful journey began.

Invited KP along with me. On the way, she shared with me her interesting encounter during Taiwan trip. Argh, I want to go for a short getaway too.

Check in our first stop, Penguin Coast.
Penguin is my favourite bird species, they looked so cute.

A group photo before we entered, thanks Jas for the photo.

Omg, they were so lovely.
Instead of flying in the air, they were able to swim freely in the water.
Do you know that they spend 75% of their lives in the water?

We can't bear to live this place. All of us enjoyed watching the penguins. They were so chubby cute.

The indoor, climate-controlled den is home to 4 species of penguins – the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and the majestic King Penguin.

Discover a panoramic view of these tuxedo cuties swimming underwater. Penguin Coast is home to nearly 100 penguins across 6 species.

Thanks Jas for the photo. We all agreed that Penguin Coast is our favourite stop.
What's yours?

With Jasmine exploring the area.

Wooh, penguins that were found at the pond outside.
Amazing, The outdoor enclosure houses the African Penguins that could adapt to the tropics.

With my 2 best girlfriends - Jas and GF.

Second stop: Flamingo Pool.

We were being attracted by their bright colour feathers and their super long stick legs. They were the top model for bird version. Flamingo also like standing on one leg, this means that they were resting.

Be charmed by the pink Flamingos.

We had reached the Wetlands.

We were figuring: "Er, why here no birds ar?"

In the end, all of them were hiding behind the rock. I thought they were statue because they were not moving.

And we found the swings at the Playland. I had not play swing for the longest time, it's so hard to find a swing nowadays?

Thanks Jas for the photo. Let's go higher!

Next, The Riverine.

We got to see upclose of the underwater aquatic birds, freshwater fish and turtles in this simulated river habitat through a glass-viewing gallery.

Quak! Quak! Quak!

We reached the World of Darkness.

We entered into a room of darkness, Asia's first nocturnal house. No pictures are taken inside as the room was too dark and no flash are allowed.

Housed in the World of Darkness are popular Snowy Owl, Malay Fish Owl, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl and Boobook Owl. With binocular vision and exceptional hearing, these raptors of the night are highly specialised predators who almost never miss their prey.

Conquering next, Heliconia Walk.

Was a bit bored down here because we were walking down an alley of bird cages. 

A photo with GF while the others were taking photo of the bird cage.

The red flock of birds were so captivating.

Take a look at the Shore birds.
They were often being found at the seaside areas.

Ohhh, so that's how a bird sits down???

At Lory Loft.

In the world's largest Lory flight aviary, we got to see bright colours of red, yellow, green and blue fluttering above your heads, and around us. I'm so scared that I kena bird shit. Lol.

This is also where we had the unique opportunity to participate in Lory Feeding. See all these beautiful birds were flying towards us.

Look who we found at Dinosaur Descendants:


Ostrich us the world's largest, heaviest and fastest-running bird with the biggest eyeballs. It also lay the largest eggs in the world.

At Pelican Cove.

They are amazing. They are strong flier and excellent swimmer.

Captivating scenery.

This concluded by my trip to Jurong Bird Park. 

It was a fun day and great gathering. We got to understand and learnt more about the different types of birds. Hope you girls all had fun. 

Look forward to our next gathering (:

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