Friday, April 19, 2013

Bionike Product Review - Defence B - LUCENT Day Peel and Roll-On Focus

Having an even and radiant complexion is the desire of every woman.

It makes us feel beautiful and more confident when socialising with people.

 But very often our skin, especially of the face and the hands, will show hyperpigmented areas. Hyperpigmentation blemishes can be divided into inheritable, such as moles and freckles, or acquired, with the causes of the latter that can be due to scarring from acne, medication, skin ageing or even sun exposure.

I need to treat my imperfection.

I want a radiant skin and vanish my dark spots.

And here come my rescue.

It's Bionike Defence B - LUCENT series.

Bionike - A multi-active strategy for even and radiant skin.

The new gentle and effective anti dark spot treatment.

I had gotten 2 products for try out:
Defence B - LUCENT Day Peel and Roll-On Focus

Defence B - LUCENT Day Peel

It is a creamy, rinse-off cleanser.

- Removes impurities from skin. 
- Provides immediate freshness and radiance to the face. 
-  Favouring cell turnover and providing hydration at the same time. 
- Ideal for preparing skin to receive subsequent treatments. 
- Reduces dark spots and evens out the complexion.

Direction of use: 

Apply the cleanser every morning and night on damp skin of the face in a circular motion, avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
In the evening, apply a moisturising cream after using the cleanser, such as Defence Hydra optimal moisturising cream.

After using the cleanser, I could instantly feel the radiance to my face. It made my skin feel soft and hydrated. My skin condition had improved after using it, my pores are smaller than before. I have a combination of dry, oily and sensitive skin, the day peel suits my skin condition well.

Stay refreshing with Defence B - LUCENT Day Peel.

Defence B - LUCENT Roll-On Focus

- Local, intensive, treatment that favours a more rapid attenuation of dark spots. 
- Achieve a double effect: provide an immediate exfoliating action and, at the same time, attenuate melanin production. 
- The gel texture dries up rapidly. 
- The handy roll-on format allows to precisely apply product on dark spots.

Apply directly on dark spots 1-2 times a day, before applying the usual treatment and before make-up. 
Do not apply on the eye area and the lips.

The product is non-sticky and non-fragrance. Within seconds after application, the gel would have dried up. 
I applied it every night after facial wash. Though I still have breakouts on my face (I must drink more water and avoid fried food), but I noticed that my acne scars are lightening and overall my skin looked brighter, giving me a healthy glow. I will continue using it, hopefully all my scars will disappear (:

Say goodbye to dark spots.

Try the intensive treatment now to reduce dark spots and prevents their formation.
Be greet by the radiant complexion.

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