Monday, July 15, 2013

Enjoying the Spa services at Spa Elements ION

Spa services are a necessity in our stressful living environment now.

Many working adult like myself have turn to spa treatment to physically and mentally relax ourselves.

I need a break from work badly, to get away from the hectic urban life.

I had booked an appointment with the urban retreat day spa:
Spa Elements @ ION Orchard.

Thanks Spa Elements for inviting me to try out the services.

Spa Elements offers an extensive service menu that includes facials, slimming, hair removal and body scrubs and wraps. They are specialize in massage therapy that relaxes, rejuvenates and restores you. Not only that, Element's customized facials have been developed to cater to your skin specifically. The facial program bears in mind all skin types and is modified to suit your skin requirements on each visit.

So today, I opt for a massage, facial and chiropractic treatment to relax myself inside out.

Upon entering, I was asked to fill up the consultation form where I can the area of focus for my massage and facial. I wanted the focus to be more on my upper back as I could feel the stiffness on my shoulder. As for facial, I chose the option to clear acne and hydrating skin.

Ginger tea was served upon sitting down. The customer service was excellent.

Spa Elements makes me feel cosy and peaceful. The ideal ambiance put me at ease.

Proceeding to my first treatment - Massage:

I was being brought to the pinkish treatment room.
I like the dim setting room that makes me feel comfortable.

In each treatment room, there is a locker for us to place our belongings and valuable.

Okay, gotta get changed.

Dived into the comfy bed and cover myself with under the blanket. I'm ready for the Tui Na Massage.

Deep tissue massage that focuses on problem areas. Targets knots and works on releasing muscle tension.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $120

Sad to say, I had an unhealthy lifestyle, I spent most of my time literally in front of computer every day. A massage is just what I need to unwind myself from stress. The massage was really good, especially on my upper back. It helped to ease the tension on my shoulders. 

With the soothing music, dim lighting and the professional massage, I believed I was in semi-coma at that moment. The treatment was so relaxing that I was only awake with my therapist tapped me to turn over.

I can't believe that 1 hour just passed in a blink.

Tucked comfortably under the warm blanket, how can I not fall asleep?

Next, the therapist also performed a slimming massage.

Aids in lymphatic drainage, water retention, weight loss and contouring the body. Targets to break down fat pockets by massage and result in a reduction of the "orange peel" appearance of cellulite. Using essential oils during this massage helps improve results significantly.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: $80

I find myself growing fatter and fatter these days. Slimming massage will be one of my choice as I want to slim down, especially my fat tummy.

I felt recharged after the massage session with no muscle ache at all. I really love massage as it helped me to relax and escape from reality for that one and the half hour.

After the massage, I changed into the robe and proceed to the facial treatment room.

My session started off with skin analysis by my therapist, Jasmine. 
The in depth skin analysis will take place through a magnifying lamp surrounded by a bright light. The magnifying lamp allows the therapist to see your skin in detail. Before using it, Jasmine will cover my eyes with cool cotton pad.

My skin condition was really bad - inner dry and outer oily. 
So many pimples and scars on my face that made me look so dull and ugly. The lack of sleep also made me look haggard. 

My skin needs special care.

After the skin analysis, Jasmine will determine the best course of treatment according to my skin condition. Jasmine recommended the classic facial + Bian Stone scrapping (Gua Sha)

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: $180

The first and foremost step: Cleansing.
The Face Cleansing Gel with hibiscus gently cleans the skin, eliminates impurities causing no irritation. It left my skin feeling soft and clean. It eliminated the impurities without giving an oily skin, and leave my skin sweet and clean.

Following that was a shoulder massage. Jasmine was commenting that I had a stiff shoulder. Yeah, I had too much burden on my shoulders, so many things to worry about. And I need a massage to ease my worries.

Jasmine used Aroma Peeling for exfoliation.
It provides hydration and gives the glowing complexion more brilliant and respect the skin sensitivity.
One bonus point for Spa Elements is they use centella 100% Organic Skincare product for Facial which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Next is the part where I don't look forward to - Extraction. It is a love-hate relationship.
In order to look pretty, I got to endure the pain to have my blackheads and whiteheads removed.

Next step was to balance and tone the skin.
Spa Elements used AHA Melaleuca lotion which helps to soothe the redness and swollenness of the skin after extraction.

I tried on the Chromo Mist Therapy. It is a cold treatment therapy where cold mist is produced to soothe the skin and close the pore. It provides antiseptic and astringent effects. 

Subsequently, I had Bian Stone Massage (Gua Sha)
Jasmine used a Bian Stone which contains more than 30 trace elements beneficial for skin healing. She focused on meridian points on the face to shape and contour, eliminate water retention, dissolves toxins and helps firm skin. 
She explained that my face might feel a little achy after Gua Sha. Surprisely, I don't feel achy at all, in fact I felt so comfortable after the massage. So shiok!

For mask, I had H20 Mask as Jasmine explained that my skin is in need of hydration and recommended me to use more hydrating masks and products.
H2O mask helps to fight free radicals, aids in slowing down the effects of aging by erasing fine lines & wrinkles and encourages collagen proliferation for healthy, glowing looking.

I was good to go after apply cleansing toner, Eye and Lips contour gel, Intensive Moisturizing Lotion and Sun Care Cream High Protection on your face.

Wow, I could see that my face was sharper and glowing with radiance. I was so happy with the result, always love the feeling of having a clean face after the facial.

Proceed out for another round of tea while waiting for my last treatment:
Chiropractic treatment.

Within Spa Elments, nestled a professional clinic, Elements Chiropractic. Chiropractic Doctors are specialized in improving and maintaining the functionality of the spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic is one of the most natural methods of health care in the world. It focuses on treating the root of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms. Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach to wellness, identifying and correcting the causes of ailment and boosting general immunity as opposed to treating superficial symptoms.

I was wrong thinking that I looked perfectly all right.
The result turned out that my standing posture was incorrect.

I confessed to Dr. James that I spent most of my time sitting and slouching in front of the computer. Dr. James has commented that we should sit back far with our back touching the back support.

Oh no, I need to change my bad habits. I had been slouching forward at my computer all along.

Please seek doctor advice early if you are facing any spine or nerve problems. Injuries and discomfort at our nerve system is not a joke.

Chiropractic treatment is suitable for people suffering from: 
- Back and Neck pain 
- Sports Injuries 
- Headache/Migraine, Whiplash 
- Frozen Shoulder 
- Scoliosis 
- Arthritis

The treatment includes a specific movement applied to a joint (of the spine) by hand to eliminate nerve irritation and restore its proper motion and functions. 

Thanks Dr. James for the sharing, it's my pleasure to meet you too.

Thanks Spa Elements, I totally enjoyed the services, you should come try it too.

For more information, please visist

Spa Elements at ION 
2 Orchard Turn 
#B1-30 ION Orchard 
Singapore 238801


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