Thursday, August 8, 2013

B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore Concert @ The Star Theatre

Do you guys have a great long weekend?

I had a great start to my long weekend. Thank to F&N Sparkling Drinks, I had the opportunity to attend B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore.

It's been a super long time since I last attend a concert. I was counting down for this date, 8 August, to arrive and my heart was elated with joy. B.A.P 배드맨 is coming to town ♥

The Korean Wave has conquer the world. Many of us are addicted to it, I am no exception. The passion of these KPOP idols is what that make them success. I could feel the hardwork that they put in to make every of their performances a perfect one.

And now, the KPOP craze has finally blown to Singapore. Are you ready for it?

The concert was held at The Star Theatre @ The Star Vista. Upon reaching, the theatre was filled with sea of crowds. It was my first time here at The Star Theatre, it was Singapore’s first 5,000-seat performing arts theatre, fitted with high-end audio, video and production lighting systems!

 Queuing up to enter the theatre and catch B.A.P first ever full-fledged concert in Singapore. We were so fortunate to see the boys in action, Singapore is also the final stop for B.A.P to mark the end of their tour in Asia.

I was one of the early birds.
See the 2 bunnies on screen? That's B.A.P Live On Earth logo.

The "Baby" fans were all screaming for the boys to come out.

The concert began with a story unfold:

There were 6 Matokis (the bunny character) who live on Mato Planet and they witnessed that the earth was suffering from pain and tears. Thus, they were given a mission which was to travel to earth and filled it with love. The spaceship has turned its direction and is heading for Singapore.

Babys, are you ready to welcome the 6 Matokis?

B.A.P kickstart the Live on Earth Singapore with energetic performance "Warrior" and "What The Hell".

Credits to Xinmsn.
Here's a video of their performance "Warrior".

Credits to Xinmsn.

I personally think that guys look charming wearing white, do you think so.
The boys just literally melt my heart.

Credits to Xinmsn.

When B.A.P was singing "No Mercy", the fans were singing along with them. Though B.A.P just debut in 2012, they already had a pool of loyal fans supporting them. It's a very touching scene, music breaks all barrier.

Credits to Xinmsn.

B.A.P had give in their best in all performance that night. It was really impressive.

Communication time with the fans. B.A.P used their special way that they learned from Mato Planet to introduce themselves. One by one, the boys had to undergo a scanning at the bright semi-circle and the description of the individual member profile would appear on screen.

First up was the leader, Bang Yong Guk.

Credits to TS Entertainment.

Name: Bang Yong Guk
Age: 23
Role: Leader and Rapper
Height: 180cm

 Name: Kim Him Chan
Age: 23
Role: Vocal
Height: 180cm

Name: Jeong Dae Hyun
Age: 20
Role: Lead Vocal
Height: 177cm

Dae Hyun is my favourite member ♥♥♥

Name: Yoo Young Jae
Age: 19
Role: Vocal
Height: 178cm

Name: Moon Jong Up
Age: 18
Role: Sub-vocal and main dancer
Height: 176cm

Name: Zelo Choi
Age: 17
Role: Rapper, Dancer and Maknae
Height: 182cm

During Zelo's introduction, he did his version of Gwiyomi and the crowds went high.

At the concert, there was no translator. I was amazed by the efforts that the boys put in to communicate with their fans using combination of English and Korean.

Youngjae and Daehyun brought us an English song - I believe I can fly.
A school I knew by heart during my primary school time.

I believe I can fly 
I believe I can touch the sky 
I think about it every night and day 
Spread my wings and fly away 

I believe I can soar 
I see me running through that open door 
I believe I can fly 
I believe I can fly 
I believe I can fly

I love the captivating lighting and stage effect.
Did not take much photo at the concert because the security was really strict and they disallowed us to take photo.

We had come to the last performance and B.A.P bid goodbye to all the babyz.

After the boys went back, all the fans were still screaming for B.A.P and shouting for Encore!
After a few seconds, something amazing appeared on the screen:

Return            Exit

When the mouse was pointing to exit, everybody was screaming no. And when the arrow key pointed at return, everybody was jumping with joy. The spaceship has return back to earth due to the high demand.

B.A.P is back again. My favourite Daehyun
All the fans rose and groove along with the boys.

They brought us Hajima and Crash. 2 of my favourite songs of B.A.P. 
Tell me about your favourite B.A.P song and favourite member.

This time was a real goodbye. The boys were returning to Mato planet.
I had a great 2 hours with the boys. B.A.P had put up a wonderful performance, congratulations to the boys for the success in their first world tour. Hope that I have the chance to see the boys again.

Thanks Jas for the photo and pressie. 
I have not seen Jas for quite awhile, I miss her so much. 

With my buddy, Jessie.
Both of us enjoyed the concert to the max (:

Once again, thanks F&N Sparkling Drinks for the tickets to B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore. I had a great time at the concert.


  1. U r so lucky to get to meet them :)
    btw thanks 4 the post - i'm thankful -

    1. Hi Azzie,
      Thanks, I'm glad you like my post (:



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