Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birthday Lunch at Crystal Jade Dining In

Thanks Grace for being the first to celebrate my birthday with me. 

As my birthday is coming nearer, it's like a reminder that is telling me that I am another year older. It make me reflect what have I achieve at this age? What should I be achieving at this age? What could I done to make my life more meaningful?

All right, back to the post. I was craving for ramen and dim sum that day. I let Grace made the decision and she chose dim sum. We settled ourselves down at Crystal Jade Dining In @ Vivo City.

We had Pu Er while waiting for our food to be served.

Sitting at my position, I had a magnificent view of Sentosa Island.
I had been travelling to Sentosa quite frequently in July. I was just there the day before.

Oh yes, food were served.:

First up was char siew sou aka BBQ pork pastry (叉燒酥). 
Omg, I have been craving for this for a longest time, thinking about it day and night. This is too addictive. What really got me into this is the flaky pastry, the layer of flaky crust is so crispy good. I wish I could have more now.

I love the flaky and crispy crust of egg tart too. It was so delicious.

Fried dumpling was one of my favourite dim sum too, something I will never fail to order.
The filling was flavourful and well-balanced of ingredients in it.

The custard bun was nice. However, I find the custard was not enough because the custard did not ooze out  like the one which I usually have. 

Xiao Long Bao (Steam Dumpling) is a must-order dish for dim sum.

It was so hard to resist the steam soup dumpling. The texture of the skin was just nice and it was served piping hot. I like it when the soup came oozing out from the dumpling, it was really flavourful.

Siew Mai. I love it when dipped with chilli sauce.

Carrot cake.

We had dessert to end off our late lunch.
I find the dessert was kind of expensive. A small bowl costs $4.50.

Thanks Grace for the lunch treat, my cravings were all satisfied.
I'm so glad to have you as my friend, thanks for being with me always (: 


  1. after reading your birthday treat blogging, enjoying tim-sum treat from friend ... make me virtually savouring the food :-*



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