Sunday, September 8, 2013

Granny's 74th Birthday Celebration at Costa Sands Resort Day 1

September is the month for Granny's birthday and the month for family gathering.

Unlike the past usual practice where we would go to a Chinese restaurant for a sumptuous dinner during granny's birthday, we decided to break the tradition this year. My uncle had booked a 2 night chalet at Costa Sands Resort instead. 

I was so looking forward to that weekend approaching. 

It was indeed a fruitful weekend for me, it was so nice to be away from the hectic lives and also away from my computer, and spend some quality time with my family. 

We made our way down to Costa Sands Resort located at Downtown East.
Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East) remains a popular choice for Singaporeans looking for a quick getaway or holding birthday celebration. It was quite hard to get booking on weekend, so book early if you are aiming for weekend slot. 

Arriving at our unit.
That is my uncle-in-law sitting at the bench.

We had booked the Deluxe Plus Room which was located on the ground floor to offer us accessibility to the BBQ area.

Exploring around the bedroom, it offered twin beds with 2 pull-out beds. 
It looked so cosy, I immediately jumped onto the bed and ready to turn in to sleep. Nah, just kidding.

The attached bathroom was clean.
I'm like the enforcement officer going around to inspect the cleanliness of the room. Lol.

Other features include LCD Television set with DVD player. My cousin brought Ah Boys to Men's DVD for us to watch during our free time too. We were packed with activities so we did not watch it in the end.

After which, some of us headed over to the car park to help my cousin to carry some of the bulky items over which include items like mahjong table, mahjong tiles, agar agar, wooden chairs and etc.

When twilight was approaching, it's time to start preparing the fire and food ready.

Frankly speaking, it has been so long since I last went for barbecue. Somehow, it brought back the memories of the old schooldays where we always went for class gathering at East Coast bbq pit. 

This was the first time our family had barbecue session. I like it this way than our usual way of celebration. We spent more time catching up and have fun doing things together. 

Bro was poking the chicken wings into the stick when I walked over. So I asked him, "Hey, did you wash your hands?"
Bro: "Eh, no lei."

Lol. I was like errrrrrrr. Hope nobody has stomachache or diarrhea. Haha.

Ah yong is so power, the fire had start up already.

分工合作. Everybody was doing their part.

Dusk had arrived.

The sun goes down 
The stars come out 
And all that counts 
Is here and now

My family is a big supporter of tiger beer. 
Yeah, it's time for tiger beer.

We had come out with an innovative way of barbecuing the food. We dumped them all in the aluminium foil and placed it on the net.

No chance of playing mahjong when my uncle, aunt and dad were around, they literally played the whole night.

王太后 coffee flavour birthday cake .

福如东海, 寿比南山.
In English term, it means blessing and long life.

Happy birthday to my granny. 
May you stay healthy and happy always.

I had an enjoyable day spent with my family and a great catch up session. See you tomorrow again.

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