Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nick's wedding lunch at Intercontinental Singapore

About a month ago, I received a wedding invitation from Nick about his wedding lunch on 29 December 2013. 

Yeah, so a month has actually passed so freaking fast and here comes his big day:

Congratulations, Nick.
You have now move on to a new stage of life where you give commitment to your another half. Wish you a blissful marriage and happily ever after.

The wedding lunch was held at Intercontinental Singapore which is located in the Bugis precinct. This was my first time at Intercontinental Singapore for banquet. 

Nowadays, wedding lunch are getting more and more common because sometimes, dinner slot is simply hard to get. 

I find that wedding lunch is also better, especially when it falls on Sunday, people tends to stay longer and finish their meals. I noticed for dinner, some of the people left during the 5th or 6th course being served because there is school or work the next day.

Here comes the bride and groom at their best moment.
I seriously think that every bride and groom look so stunning on their big day. With different hairstyle and makeup on, they seemed to transform into a different person.

We headed outside for some photo-taking.
Upon entering the hotel, I could immediately feel the strong Peranakan heritage. Especially this staircase, like the one in the drama series of The Little Nyonya 小娘惹.

The lunch khaki group.

Gonna take a group photo of the staircase, this spot is really good for photo-taking.

Hmm, what is it that the president and president's wife are discussing about? President's wife don't seem to be happy.

The family portrait of father, mother and son. It seems obvious who is playing what role right? Hehe..

Rainie and I in the dark.

More and more people started to join us for the staircase photoshoot.
Hmmm, this couple here very ai yan, macchiam today is their wedding like that. Lol.

The next dish was here when we went in.
Shall finish this before we headed out again. 

One last photo of the staircase.

This picture brought me back to old school days where we would always see President and President's wife photo hung up high on the wall.

Hmm, now that the two of them were standing high up. It does look alike like my memories right?

My favourite Ee Mian.

It was a nice afternoon gathering. So after the lunch, I sent Lorraine back because she was a little tipsy after 5 glasses of beer. She went a little high that day. Lol.

It was only 5pm when I reached home. I had some quality time to do my stuffs before the day ended.

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