Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Aiden One Month Old

Happy one month old to Baby Aiden.

It is Chinese tradition to hold a celebration when a baby turns one month old. This will mark the end of the mother's confinement period and to introduce the newborn baby to the relatives and friends.

Yes, finally I am going to meet nephew, Aiden, for the very first time. Aiden is my eldest cousin's son.
My mum was really anxious to visit her grandnephew too. While I was still happily blogging away, she was standing right beside me, nagging me to prepare myself and head out. Yeah, my mum still nag at me even when I am already so old.

We reached my cousin's place at 2 plus and baby Aiden was sleeping soundly. He just had his haircut too.
It is also a tradition to shave the baby's head during the first month, to shed off the birth hair.

The precious little one that everyone pampered.

Helium ballrooms were filled in the room.

last photo of Aiden before I left the room.

I went to the kitchen and found this rabbit lurking around. 

Decided to play with it for awhile. 
Come come, have your lunch.

Sniff sniff.
Is it edible?

Yes, it is.
I want to eat. Mmmmm..

More and more balloons.

Baby Aiden was awake.

My aunt and grandma playing with baby Aiden.

It was a nice Sunday spent with my family.
Now that Sunday is ending soon, which means Monday is approaching. Okay, I am already  feeling the blue. Sigh.

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