Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Official Launch: The Arts House Turns 10

Happy 10th Anniversary to The Arts House.

The Arts House was launched in 2004, it set out to be a centre for the arts that all can access and enjoy. It acts as a platform for performers from all walks of life. Through its programmes, it has consistently reached out to diverse segments of the community - young and old, families and professionals. All of us can bond together as a community through the arts.

I was here for the opening party together with the Christine and Jessie.

The Arts House has a proud heritage of its own.  It is the oldest existing government building in Singapore, and also one of our national monuments.

The Arts House has turned 10 and it is now moving on to the next start of the journey.

The celebrations will span across 10 days from 26 March – 6 April, centred on the theme “The Next Page”. As The Arts House marks this milestone, they are also very eager to look forward to the next decade of supporting more artists and writers. The celebrations will showcase the best of Singapore’s emerging and established artists and writers, anchored by the site specific show The Next Page.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Lawrence Wong, has arrived at the venue. 
I felt so excited standing close to the Minister.

The event started off with a speech by Mr William Phuan, Director of The Arts House.
He shared with us that The Art House is ready to make the leap to the next page as a centre for writing, writers and ideas. 

Mr Phuan was actually standing right besides me when down the stage.
Gotcha in the camera (:

After which was poem reading by poet Pooja Nansi, “A House made of words”. 
This is a specially-commissioned poem about The Arts House.

Last but not least, speech by Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and. Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information.

The Next Page begins. 
We moved on to The Lawn to catch The Opening "Quotes".

Brian Gothong Tan's light installation will be projected on The Arts House's facade, and there will also be a performance by Cake Theatrical Productions.

The audiences were being transported into a multi-media literary world with a dazzling display of light using Epson projector, the world’s top projector maker for 13 years and Singapore’s No. 1 Projector Brand (2012 - 2013).

Credits to Epson.

Epson outdoor multimedia projection showcase will be held as part of the anchor show on 26 March, and throughout the celebrations till 6 April.

The outdoor multimedia projection show is developed in collaboration with CAKE Theatrical Productions, a contemporary theatre company in Singapore, and local multimedia artist Brian Gothong Tan, known for his cutting-edge and highly engaging works in theatre, film and installation art. The result is an immersive integration of visual imagery and dance, backed by 16 Epson high-lumens commercial projectors.

Projectors used range from 8,000 – 10,000 lumens, including the EB-Z10000, Epson’s first ultra-bright 10,000 lumens projectors, as well as the EB-Z8150, EB-Z8450WU and EB-Z8350W.

Bubbles could be seen dancing in the air. 
This really reminds me of foam party that I went at the start of the year.

The scene was magnificent. 
I want to dance in the bubble foam too.

The Old Parliament House is now the home of the mega-bookstore “The Next Page”. 

The bookstore boasts the best collection of Singapore literature in the country, where you can browse through the books and talk to our writers. Lets not forget the remnants of the previous tenants of the building, which include The Arts House, a dance club and a boutique hotel. They have been specially preserved as artifacts and exhibits, reminding us of the rich history that this building has witnessed and taken part in over the years.

We visited “The Morenada” dance club which was once the former Parliamentary Chamber.

We settled ourselves down in one of the seats. It was so comfortable. We were guessing among ourselves like which politician might have sit at our seats before. Lol.

Acting Minister was here in the room too.

We tried out the Literary Maze @ Blue Room.
 Find your way out of a maze adorned with famous literary quotes.

It's been awhile since the three of us last meet together. It's a good catch up session for us.

We were bagged home with an exclusive copy of The Arts House’s 10th anniversary commemorative book.

The public are also invited to share photos of their most cherished moments at The Arts House on Instagram. The five most popular entries will stand to win a pair of tickets to The Next Page as well as The Arts House’s 10th anniversary commemorative book.

The Arts House’s 10th anniversary programmes run from 26 March to 6 April. The two ticketed shows, The Next Pageand Night Walk With The Storyteller, can be purchased at $10 from
All other events, including Going Places, Writer x Writer, Art Mart, Concert On The Lawn and Open House events are free. For full information about the programme, the public can visit

Thank you, Epson for the kind invitation to the The Arts House 10th anniversary party.

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