Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Domino's Pizza Party: Domino's Kick Off Online

I have cravings for pizza again, how can I satisfy my cravings?

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

I made my way down to Domino's Pizza @ Kovan for a pizza feast. Thanks The Influencer Network (TIN) for the invitation.

The international branding, Domino’s Pizza, is a renowned and popular choice amongst people for relishing their favorite fast food, the Pizza. One of the reasons I like Domino's Pizza is because it is price affordable. Domino’s pricing is all inclusive with no extra charges for delivery, ERP or GST. Well, who doesn't love this?

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

The event started off with an opening speech by William from TIN. First time seeing my friend giving a speech.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

More pizza, more football.

Now that the football season is here, it's time to go crazy for the beautiful game with Domino's Napolitana Pizza flavours.

In conjunction with the football season, Domino's Pizza kick off an online contest where there are weekly prizes of an iPad, iPad mini and digital camera to be won from 28 April to 1 June. The highest scorer throughout the contest period will win a grand prize of a 60" LED HD TV.

Click here to play the game.

Read here for the game instruction:

You get to multiply your scores with online purchases of pizza.
Visit https://www.facebook.com/DominosSG/ to find out more.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

Time to begin our dinner:

Perfectly baked meatballs smothered in mozerella cheese and classic napolitana sauce. Napolitana Baked Meatballs ($9.80) is a new dish in the menu.

The Golden Roasted Drummet (6 pcs - $9.80) is a perfect combination of savory and lip-smacking goodness. I never know that baked chicken drummet can taste so good. Everything at Domino's Pizza is baked, there isn't any dish in the menu that is fried. This makes Domino's Pizza a healthier fastfood choice.

Garlic Cheese Onion Ring ($4.80) tasted crispy and crunchy on the outer layer with the sweet onion wrapped within.

In anticipation of the world’s biggest match of the year, Domino’s Pizza will be introducing pizza with Napolitana sauce to celebrate the season of kicking flavors and excitement!

Napolitana sauce is made with fresh tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic and garden herbs. Prepared with love, Domino’s is offering an array of pizza toppings that even the fussiest of eaters will have a pick of their favourite Italian delight.

Classic Chicken made of 100% Mozzarella Cheese with succulent smoked chicken breast, fresh onions and mushroom.

This is one of my favourite, I love cheesy pizza and the thickness of the crust where I could taste the fresh dough and crispy crust.

• Diavola Beef – ground beef, red capsicum, onion, red pepper flakes and a douse of oregano on Napolitana sauce. This is certainly one delicious enchantment for the beef lovers.

I'm feeling full and my cravings was satisfied (:

Right after my meal, it's time for photo-taking.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

A photo with the lovely girls - Valentine and GF.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

We rounded the party with a group photo.
Thank you Domino's Pizza for the warm hospitality and the sumptuous dinner.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

Posing a photo with our limited edition Domino's Pizza water bottle.

And we took a photo with Dennis, the co-founder of The Influencer Network. Thanks Dennis for the photo tagging.

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

Shall end the post with a photo taken with Renfred, Digital Artise of TIN. I'm sure many of you are familiar with him. Renfred was also the male runner-up of Singapore's first  Campus Superstar《校园SuperStar》

Remember to check out the online game and feed your triumphant soul with Domino's Pizza.

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/DominosSG/

Domino's Pizza @ Kovan
943/945 Upper Serangoon Road 
Singapore 534710

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