Sunday, April 27, 2014

Star Awards 20 Show 2

I was excited for the night to come because I will be attending Star Awards 20 Show 2. 

This was my second time attending Star Awards Ceremony, I looked forward to seeing the celebrities in their best suits and gowns, as well as catching the ceremony live.

Here we were at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre for Star Awards 20 Show 2. 
We took a group photo at the photo wall showing our OOTD.

With GF and Hong Wei. Thanks Hong Wei for the tickets (:

It was a night to reward the artistes for a year of hard work.
All the artistes were standing on stage to grace the opening ceremony.

Let's see who outshine the among the artistes and become a winner at Star Awards 20 Show 2:

Best Info-Ed Programme Host: Cavin Soh (《全民新煮艺》 Let’s Cook)
Best Info-Ed Programme:《边城故事》 Borders 
Best News Story: 小印度骚乱 滋事者放火烧车 Little India Riot 
Best Current Affairs Story: 前线追踪:《惊天72小时》Frontline: Face to Face with Typhoon Haiyan and 焦点: 《国庆群众大会:海外回响》Focus: The Impact of PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech reaches overseas

Best Supporting Actor: Guo Liang (《志在四方》The Dream Makers)

This was the first acting reward for Guo Liang, no wonder he was so happy receiving the award.

Best Supporting Actress: Rebecca Lim (《志在四方》The Dream Makers) 
Best Variety Show Host: Quan Yi Fong (《寻U先锋》 Finding U) 
Best Variety Programme:《快乐速递》 The Joy Truck 
Best Variety Drama Serial: 《志在四方》The Dream Makers 
Best Variety Special: 《红星大奖2013颁奖礼》Star Awards 2013 Show 2

All-Time Favourite Artiste: Bryan Wong and Chen Han Wei

Both Bryan and Han Wei had graduated from the Top 10 class and they will be entering another stage of their career.

Best Actress: Chen Liping (《志在四方》The Dream Makers)

GF and I were joking around. In The Dream Makers drama series, the husband, wife and "so called" mistress all got their acting awards.

Best Actor: Pierre Png (《信约:唐山到南洋》The Journey: A Voyage)

Pierre got his first acting award as well. His acting is really good, totally a badass guy in this guy.

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes: 
Elvin Ng 
Lee Teng 
Qi Yuwu 
Zheng Ge Ping 
Romeo Tan 
Zhang Zhen Huan 
Desmond Tan 
Dennis Chew 
Xu Bin

Wu Zun and Zoe Tay was the award presenter for Top 10 female artistes. Wu Zun had revealed that Zoe Tay is his idol and he even showed her a photo that he took with Zoe with he was 13.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes: 
Rui En 
Rebecca Lim 
Joanne Peh 
Chris Tong 
Yvonne Lim 
Belinda Lee 
Vivian Lai 
Jeannette Aw 
Quan Yi Fong 
Ya Hui

The show has ended, congratulations to all the winners. Everyone has done well for the past one year.

While everyone was leaving the hall, we stayed for another group photo. 
Thanks Hong Wei for the photo.

Took a photo with the girls at the photo wall.

With GF who just came back from Japan. Thanks for the goodies (:
It was a great night to catch up with everyone and making new friends too.

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