Monday, May 12, 2014

The Teacher's Diary Movie Review

Began my week by catching a latest movie at Golden Village @ City Square Mall:
The Teacher's Diary

This is actually the first Thai movie I watched other than Thai horror movie. The Teacher's Diary is a romantic comedy produced by GTH. 

Do you still remember the horror trails at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013?
It was a collaboration between Sentosa and Thailand renowned movie production studio, GTH.
GTH's movie is never disappointing, it is worth to watch.

About The Teacher's Diary

Cast: Sukrit Wisetkaew, Chermarn Boonyasak 
Director: Nithiwat Tharatorn 
Genre: Romance, Drama 
Language: Thai 
Release Date:15 May 2014 
Running Time: 110 minutes
My rating: 4/5

Watch the trailer here.

"Is it possible to love someone you've never met before?" 

THE TEACHER'S DIARY is inspired by a true story of how two total strangers overcome the most impossible of odds and find love within the pages of a lost diary. 

This new romantic drama from GTH (producer of acclaimed Pee Mak) is based on the events that unfold after a teacher forgets her diary at school only to have it serendipitously found the following school year by a male teacher who has replaced her. Let's see how soul baring confessions on paper manifest into an emotional bond so powerful that two star-crossed people who have never met before are able to fall madly in love.

Song is a former wrestler, he then went to Wittaya School to interview the job as a teacher and was sent to houseboat branch of Bann Gaeng for teaching with a class size of 4 students. The houseboat was located in the rural areas, in a middle of a lake.

Being grown up in a city area, I actually never know that such school exist, I mean like in the middle of the lake.

In this area, there was no electricity, no internet, no phone network. It's really like back to the older days. This was not how Song thought it would be.

On one occasion, he discovered a diary left behind by the previous teacher, Ms Ann, who wrote about her thoughts, struggles and tips on surviving as a teacher at houseboat. 

After finished reading the diary, Song fell in love with Ann without knowing how she looks like.

After one year of teaching, Song left the school to further his study and Ann went back to resume her teaching at the houseboat.

She has found her diary and she discovered some writing of Song in her diary. She too, has read it and started falling in love with Song.

I personally think that there is a really good movie. 

It has many sentimental scenes that touched my heart. Their strong passion in teaching and their unconditional love for the students is what that touched me the most. Being a teacher at the houseboat is not just about teaching the student ABC or 123, both Song and Ann had demonstrated a caring attitude towards, stepping in front of them when there is danger. The teacher also had to live with the students from Monday to Friday and only returned back to their homeland during weekend. 

Another thing I like about the movie the hilarious moments that were incorporated in the movie. Everyone has a great laugh over at them.

I strongly recommend you to watch this movie, it's really worth the watch.

Last but not least, thanks Christine for bringing me to the movie (:


  1. the story was really nice.. full of heart
    that can touch your soul
    thats all thankss

    keep it up, hope more story made :)

    1. Hi Heol Enn, I agree. The movie is so touching, I cried while watching.



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