Friday, January 9, 2015

MTG - ReFa Carat Platinum Electric Roller

Began my weekend with a Christmas gathering with MTG, a renowned beauty & wellness brand from Japan.

The Christmas party was held at OC Group new office. The place was very cosy.

Before the start of the presentation, we indulged ourselves into the food that MTG prepared for us.

At the party, we have the first hand experience of the luxurious range of beauty gadgets from MTG. The range of beauty & wellness products are thoughtfully created with the latest Japanese research & technology to provide solution for our desire to be more beautiful.

Take a look at the ReFa series - ReFa Carat, ReFa for Body, ReFa O Style and ReFa I Style.

Their star product is the ReFa CARAT Platinum Electric Roller which has already sold millions in Japan alone. It has been endorsed by many renowned celebrities and won numerous awards.

The representatives from MTG were there to share with us more about the different functions of beauty devices. 

ReFa CARAT is inspired by the kneading techniques of professional aestheticians. The two-roller design imitates the motions of manual lymphatic drainage, kneading firmly while rolling gently to make the skin appear firmer. 

You can use on the face and entire body in the bath or after bathing, when the skin is most relaxed.

There was a demonstration on how we can use the ReFa Carat at home. The demo was done on one side of the face so that we can see the difference. After a few minutes of rolling, we could see the lifting effect.

ReFa Carat can be used on hand too. After rolling, her skin texture become smoother compared to the other hand that is without.

The ReFa Carat package contains ReFa device, pouch, cleaning cloth and instruction booklet.

No battery is needed because ReFa absorbs light through a solar panel and generates microcurrent when roll on the surface of our skin. Daily treatment will keep skin appearance firm, resilient and beautiful.
The entire surface of the rollers is coated with platinum. It is resistant to heat and acidity, and its beautiful shine lasts a long time. It is also water resistant, so we can wash it with water after use. You can even bring it in for shower too.

This is a multi-purpose roller. It can be used on our face, neck, arm, waist and leg.

Here's a video on that teach you how to use ReFa Carat.

Let's test it out.

Test it on my thigh. 
The correct way to hold the ReFa is to firmly grasp the center of the thickest section without covering up the solar panel.

Following the contours of my body, I just roll the device along my skin upwards and downwards, without applying any pressure. A very comfortable process.

When rolling the device on our skin, the roller is carrying out integrated squeezing of the skin, applying excellent pressure while working the areas one is concerned about. It is as though I have go for a massage session where the therapist works the kneading motions on my body, it helped to relax my muscles too.

I paused to take this photo of the integrated squeezing of my skin and I feel this pinching effect. The tip is do not go for slow motion speed, just apply normal speed.

The lifting effect is instantly after use, however the effect is no long lasting. You will need to use it daily to maintain the lifting effect.

Use it on my chin to get rid of the double chin.

Applying on neck made my neck become more toned up and firmed.

ReFa Carat Platinum Electric Roller is retailing at $380.
It is available for purchase online at

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Join me and roll your way to beautifully conditioned skin.

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