Thursday, November 5, 2015

Launch of D’Skin’s MIRA Skincare & Shou’s Fat Buster treatment‏

Congratulations to d'skin on the fourth outlet opening at The Seletar Mall.

D’Skin is the skin expert in providing skincare treatment, they focused on using high tech medical-grade equipment to achieve desirable results. D'skin offers a complete range of non-surgical cosmetic treatment for aging skin, delivering the top 3 most popular services in health, wellness & beauty segment:
 (1) skin tightening 
(2) skin rejuvenation
(3) pigmentation

 With the demands of today’s hectic lifestyle, the carefully D’Skin formulated a crafted selection of premium quality products offering modern busy women effective remedies. D’skin is a revolutionary brand that uses cosmeceutical approach and researched in Japan. 

This event also marked the launch of its revolutionary whitening range, MiraWhite.

MiraWhite product range consists of 4 key products that are suitable for all skin types:
- Rapid Re-Surfacing (Smoothing Exfoliator) $139
- Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector (Whitening Spot Treatment) $149
- MelaClear (Brightening Day Moisturizer) $159
- GloDynamic (Intensive Night Moisturizer) $159

MiraWhite range is specially formulated for delicate Asian skin.

It features 4 high performance treatment formulas designed to effectively to control and prevent uneven skin tone, pigmentation and aging issues. It nourishes, moisturizes and plump up fine lines and rejuvenate our skin. 

After using, it delivers brighter and more luminous skin. Brown spots, freckles and discolouration will be also lightened and minimized.

Rapid Re-Surfacing 

The gentle exfoliating treatment is an effective skin polisher which combines three actions to perfect the complexion – smoothes skin, enhances radiance and purifies. 

It is formulated with exfoliating microspheres to gently resurface and visibly diminish pore size. It renews the skin surface for a brighter, more even skin tone, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking luminous. 

Collagen Silk 

Collagen Silk is specifically designed for skin with collagen damage that that effectively lifts and firms skin. It compensates for collagen deficiency and delays the appearance of wrinkles and the onset of accelerated aging. 

The highly effective formula triggers collagen production and creates a protective layer from external stresses thereby visibly reduces fine lines, increases elasticity and improves skin uniformity. It has excellent moisture properties to impart smoothness.

A glimpse at the treatment room.
It looked so comfy, I can't wait to try the treatment.

Before the treatment, the therapist will measure your skin condition using the machine to track your hydration level, skin elasticity and etc, after which they will recommend the suitable type of treatment for your facial.

A demonstration was going on.

D'Skin has a new brightening facial treatment, D.C.M Revitalizing Skin Treatment, which uses ultrasonic and high-voltage pulse technology simultaneously to reduce pigmentation, stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis, smoothen uneven skin, promote skin firming and tightening. Skin will feel lifted and refreshed. immediately after the treatment. 

 The duration is 120 minutes at $338 before GST.

SHOU Slimming Centre revolutionizes body slimming using a safe and effective treatment. The personalized natural treatment reduces inches and removes stubborn body fat. There are no needles painlessly with no recovery time needed. 

Treatment is free from any use of pills and injections, any special diets and any meal supplements. 

I love their Coffee Svelte.
This is no the normal coffee that we always drink, it's a slimming cofee. 

It contains effective formula that inhibits the synthesis of fat, promotes metabolism, reduces body fat and blood cholesterol.

Shou Slimming's Fat Buster Treatment 

It reduces fat with its revoluntary non-invasive Bio Electrical Acceleration Management technology. 

This technology sends pre-defined electrical pulses via the nervous system, emulating the body's bio electrical process. This accelerates muscle activation and tones the targeted muscles, increases blood circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage, promoting overall health.

Great gathering session with my two lovely girls - Meryl and GF.
So happy to see them again.

Gotten this product from d'skin.

De-Pigmentation Cream (S$148)

This cream targets skin pigmentation disorder by fading age spots, sun spots and blemishes. It promotes collagen production for added radiance and moisture, preventing premature ageing skin.

The texture is light weighted and absorbs fast into my skin, leaving my skin feeling radiant and supple.


Thanks D'Skin and Shou for the lovely session. 
For more information, please visit and

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