Friday, May 6, 2016

MosquitNo Launch 2.0 - Family and Skin Care Lines

According to StatistaCharts, the world's deadliest animals is Mosquito. 

Approximately 725,000 people are killed by Mosquito per year. People died through the infection of diseases such as Malaria, Zika, dengue, yellow fever and other diseases that are spread by the mosquito.

Prevention is better than curing. How can we fight against the mosquito and minimize the risk of being infected?

Let me share with you more about what I have learnt at MosquitNo Launch:

MosquitNo is a brand well known from the trendy bracelet to keep mosquito away. Their product range provides a new way of looking at products that protect us from mosquitoes and other insects. It is really innovative.

Trendy citronella bracelets.

The bracelets provides a fun and practical alternative to the often sticky and cumbersome repellent creams and sticks. The bracelets will spread a citronella odor for a minimum of 72 hours, it is safe for children, waterproof and 100% neutral. 

Each bracelet can last 72 hours and easy to carry during traveling. 

Insect repellent flowerpot.

I bagged home with this flowerpot that helps to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from your table. It can be placed at dining table, balcony or bedroom. The product is without scent and non toxic.

SpotZzz Citronella stickers.

Stickers that can be attached to textiles, sleeping bag, bed frame and etc. The spotzzz stickers gradually evaporate a citronella odor for 72 hours per sticker.

Now came the highlight of the event, the introduction of the insect repellent skin care line:
The powerful personal protection that can be used on the skin.

This is a 2-in-1 luxury skin care that acts as a fragrance and insect repellent. It is a great safety advantages for human and environment, safe for children and adults.

The skin care products are 100% DEET free. DEET is the most common active ingredient in insect repellents that is poisonous and should avoid spraying on our skin.

MosquitNo's advanced insect repellent cosmetic range offer an excellent alternative to replace DEET-based products on the market.

Insect repellent fragrance for her and him that can last more than 10 hours.

Insect repellent after sun lotion.

Protection up to 8 hours, to be use during the early evening and night..

Here is the full range of insect repellent skin care which also include sun cream and body moisturizer.

Insect repellent sun cream 30 SPF.

Protect ourselves against the sun and against mosquitos at once. The sun cream protection can last up to 6 hours.

Use the MosquitNo Sun Cream at the beach and swimming pool, during sports, cycling, hiking, backpacking and safari trips. The mosquito repellent after sun is ideal during the early evening and night, it nourishes the skin after exposure to the sun. 

The sun cream and after sun are safe for children from 6 months and it is also safe for pregnant ladies.

I was given the sun cream for try out and I love it very much.

Living in a hot and sunny country, applying sun cream is a must whenever we head out for outdoor activities for UV rays protection against the sun. Best of all, it protects us from the blood sucker pests, mosquito. Therefore, applying sun cream is something I will not miss out in my skin care regime no matter how rush I am. It is something that cannot be neglected.

For texture wise, it was light weighted, it felt almost nothing was on my skin after applying and non sticky. I will apply the sun cream if I am out in the sun for long hours. It protected me well so that I won't suffer from red spot marks from the scorching sun and mosquito.

Thanks MosquitNo for having me at the event, I was wow-ed by their development of new skin care series to protect us against the sun and the mosquitoes.

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