Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happenings in March - Weekend Outing

Saturday 11/3/17

Oh yes, weekend is here again.
I cherished my time especially my weekend because weekend is outing day.

Getting dressed up and ready to begin my day.
Cater all my weekend to bf because weeekend is the only days we meet up, we rarely meet up during weekdays due to work commitment. Weekend is very precious to me now.

Bf got me this necklace from online, wearing it out for the first time. Thanks for the surprise gift.

We made our way to Marina Square for a walk. There was a Balloon Exhibition going on at the atrium. Dive into an underwater world created using balloon sculptures.

Like little children, we joined the crowds to view some of these master pieces of the balloon artworks.

We decided to find somewhere to sit down and chill down, the thing that came to our mind was to go for dessert.

We went to O'ma spoon Korean Dessert Cafe, a place we always wanted to try but too full to go for it after dinner.

We had Oreo Bingsu served with banana, oreo cookies, ice cream, shaved milk and assorted toppings is perfect way to cool off during the hot weather. The bingsu were drizzled with the chocolate sauce and fresh milk that enhanced the sweetness of the dessert. 

I felt full after having this, I need a walk to digest the food so that there will be room for dinner later on.

Dressed in black again. 
I find myself prefer staying away from colours and move towards basic colours. I wanted to try on different style now.

Dinner was at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant. What I love about Hifumi is they serve its signature all-you-can-eat appetizer bar with the purchase of a main course. Food was good and the price was affordable given the amount of food we ate. I see myself coming back again when we feel like having Japanese food.

I have tonkatsu set that that comes with pork cutlet, onion egg, miso soup and rice.

Vanilla soft serve to end off the dinner. We were so full by then, so the 2 of us shared this soft serve.

We bumped into quite a few people at Marina Square. I bumped into KP and her bf while bf bumped into his female friend earlier.

Time to head out for a walk, the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park has came to The Float @ Marina Bay, the playland for children. So many families were there with their children.

Sunday 12/3/17

Our Sunday dating brought us to Plaza Singapura for a walk.

Spotted our first Disney Tsum Tsum display at the atrium of Plaza Singapura. Though I have never play the mobile game before, I find the character all look so cute and I love them.

Plaza Singapura has one of the largest Tsum Tsum displays with many different decorations. It lifted up our moods with the cute displays.

Took a stroll at the outdoor. We have quality time spent together.
It got a little bit hot so I took off my denim blouse. 

Dinner was at The Manhattan FISH MARKET, one of the restaurant that we regularly visit. We have tomato soup while waiting for our fish & chips.

We have a great weekend spent, look forward to our next date.

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