Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homecomng Movie Gala Premiere + Party

Was feeling trilled to attend the Homecomng Gala Premiere.

A bubbling of ecstasy that keep me motivated in work.

Right after work, I headed down to Vivo City to meet my girlfriend, SY.

The cinema was already packed with huge crowds when we reached but we were still in time for the red carpet.

Introducing the casts:

The first 2 cast arrived. It’s Afdlin Shauki (as taxi driver) and Koe Yeet (as Mindy, Mark Lee’s daughter)

Coming up next is Huang Wenhong and Rebecca Lim (they are acting as husband and wife in the movie).

And right after them was Mark Lee and Lin Ru ping:

Lin Ru Ping as Jacelyn Tay’s mother and Mark Lee as Chef Daniel.

Last but not least, we had Jack Neo (Mother) and Ah Niu (Son):

This pair was so funny” Ah niu was saying that he was supposed to come with his mother but end up a guy beside him. So he asked Jack Neo where is his mother. Jack Neo’s answer was amusing: “Your mother you come and ask me!” Lol.

After that, the host invited all the casts up for lo hei session – toss up good fortune (:

The Yusheng being left behind.

All right, time to check in.

Once again, let me shared with you the detail of the movie:

Genre: Comedy

Director: Lee Thean-Jeen

Cast: Mark Lee, Jack Neo, A Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Jacelyn Tay, Huang Wenhong, Rebecca Lim, Koe Yeet, Liu Ling Ling

RunTime: 1 hr 30 mins

Synopsis: “Homecoming” is about three stories of three different individuals going home for Chinese New Year:

1) A major highlight of the movie is that Jack Neo, who will be cross-dressing on the big screen again after eleven years since “Liang Po Po The Movie” back in 1999. He will be playing mother to Ah Niu’s character, Karen Neo. She is bringing his son, Ah niu, back to KL for reunion dinner and matchmaking. During their journey back, a series of events occur…………………………………….

2) Mark Lee, the arrogant chef with the cantonese ascent, chased away all his workers (except Jacelyn Tay) and his daughter on the new year eve. How is he going to prepare the reunion dinner for the Minister without their help?

3) Newly wed Huang Wenhong and Rebecca Lim went back to KL to visit their parents on the new year eve with the intention to fly to Bali in the night to spend their new year there. How are they going to break this new to Wenhong’s mother, Liu LingLing?

The movie was indeed F-A-N-T-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.
It’s a nice collaberation between Singapore and Malaysia. Every single of them did fantabulously well. I loved the chapalang languages being used in the movie, it brings out the Singaporean style (Just like me, I loved using different language in my conversation.)
Mark Lee’s movies are always so amusing, it never failed to keep me entertained. Though this is a comedy movie, some of the scenes really touched my heart, shall not be a spoiler.
Jack Neo is equally good. Acting as a woman is not easy, he has to put on makeup and wig. This made me think of a NG scene where his hair wig dropped.
I have never realised the significance of reunion dinner. Every year, I’m just looking forward to the good food.
Reunion dinner is actually a time to bond with your family members where the entire family come together to celebrate this special festive. Not only that, every dish has its special meaning behind it:
Fish – 年年有魚
Fa cai (hair vegetable) – 發財
This year, reunion dinner will hold a new meaning to me ♥
Homecoming is definitely a must watch 贺岁电影 during Chinese New Year. It is suitable for all age, you can bring your family members to watch. The movie will be released on 3 February 2011. I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends.
Lets Laugh our way home ♥

The night doesn’t end after the movie, we were being invited to the post-party ♥

Off we go to party ♥

@ St. James Power Station.

Siying and I totally enjoyed. We were having a merry moment there, photos were the best way to express our feeling ♥

It’s definitely a nice, cosy and stylish place to chill.

The bar was playing homecoming soundtrack, totally dig the song after listening it again and again (:

Shortly after the quiz, the casts started to arrived:

Ah Niu, Koe Yeet, Rebecca Lim and Jack Neo.

The event was a great success. So now, it’s time to celebrate and party!!!

Jack Neo started off by singing 《笑著回家》the movie theme song. Super nice.

吃点亏吃点苦 告诉自己要忍住
我的家人比”舍人” 都重要
看得远看得开 心胸宽阔如大海

心连心手拉手 狂风暴雨一同走
一颗心一份爱 只要绑紧在一块

All right, that’s the end of my post. Remember to support HOMECOMING《笑着回家》 
年年回家, 今年笑着回家!


  1. @ miss N: it is at gallery bar @ st james :)

  2. wow awesome! But the movie is not that nice leh

  3. Thanks jfook. long time nv see you dropped by le :) you have already watch the movie alr?



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