Saturday, June 4, 2011

‘The Cheers Challenge Championship’

Found myself at Cathay on the Saturday afternoon.

Yippee, I’m one of the 10 bloggers selected from the APB’s GYSB Cheers Challenge. The 10 of us will be the official contestants playing against each other for a Bloggers’ Only Shootout.

Short introduction:

Cheers Challenge is an online game managed by Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd (APB) and ‘The Cheers Challenge Championship’ is the finale of the three-month regional on-line game. You can play the game at

APB aims to promote responsible drinking and helps stakeholders make well-informed choices about consuming alcohol. And together we can make good choices and good cheers.

All right, shall not drown you with words. Picture time:

Briefing the 27 contestants from 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region [Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia and Singapore] and the SG bloggers.

They are the top eligible scorer from the participating country named above.

Briefing for the SG bloggers. We were told that the top scoring blogger will be playing against 9 regional contestants for the grand attractive prize.

So how attractive is the prize:

Grand prize: 5 days 3 nights holiday for two to the Maldives, complete with full-board meals and leisure activities

Second prize: Apple iPad 2

Third prize: XBOX Kinect 250GB bundle with 3 game sets

Shortly after the briefing, the Cheers Challenge Championship began.

Round 1: 27 regional contestants.

They will play the same ‘Cheers Challenge’ that they have been playing online previously and compete in several rounds on site. The nine highest scorers will progress to compete in the final round of the Championship.

The bloggers round will begin at 2.30pm. So we had one hour plus to slack around. Had a good times lunch-ing with the bloggers (:

Took the opportunity to grab a photo with the DJ, Daniel Ong.

The bloggers’ round was about to begin soon. So we stationed nearby waiting for instruction. But before that, we had prize giving to the top 5 best blogs:

Congratulations to all (:

Round 1: bloggers

I’m one of the first 5 bloggers being up (:
William and I having the stern look.
Claressa is equally serious.

Aarghh, didn’t do as well as my usual standard [scoring only half of my usual] Lost concentration!

Second round of bloggers began.

The girls
and the guys too are having the same expession.

Wow, Yong Wei still going strong with only one mug left. Will he emerge as winner?

After the game ended, we have a family portrait of the bloggers. Cheers!

Who will be the winner who walk away with $300 vouchers and eed to Final Round to compete with top 9 regional contestants for the Grand Championship Prizes?

Drum roll………………………………..

Before that, lets invite the DJs from Class 95FM who will be doing the live tele-broadcast of the event: Jean Danker and Bobby Tonelli.

So the 3rd in place goes to:

And Deziree got Second place.

The winner is none other than Yong Wei. Good job (:

Jean and Yong Wei doing the tele-broadcasting.

All the best for the championship (:

With Ruiting, Janet (our in-charge of the day) and Claressa.

Last but not least, I wanna thank asia pacific breweries for this wonderful opportunity. It’s really a great experience for me.

It’s not the outcome that matters, but the process that counts ♥



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