Monday, July 25, 2011

Dinner at Shin Kushiya

Met up with fellow bloggers for a dinner at Shin Kushiya which was located at far east square.

Shin Kushiya, best-known for its japanese charcoal grill.

Hmmm.. What was on the table?

TaTa, is the dozen of vouchers which they had gotten from the gastronomic feast. It was so nice of them to ask me out for this dinner (:

Appetizer – Carrot, cucumber and cabbage.

We ordered lots of food – Donburi, Tempura Mori and Menrui.

And also Kushiyaki which is recommended by the girls. I loved the tomato one, juice came flowing out upon the first bite. The bacon one was equally nice as well (:

Say cheese.

The people around us had all finished their meal and left the restaurant, we were still enjoying chatting away. We had endless topics to chat about. Lol, what do you think a group of bloggers will chat about???

While we were chatting, the guys surprised me with a cake. Omg, I’m totally din expect a cake. *shy*

It’s tofu cheesecake ♥

It’s not how big the celebration is that matters to me, but the thoughts that count ♥

I really appreciated it.

With Angie.

The girls – shuqing, Angie and Jessie ♥

With the great company.

With the guys – Hong Peng and William.

Guess how much our bill is and how much we pay for it?

Credits to William.

Wow, we din exceed the budget. I think everyone of us there have the potential to join the finance.

Ended my night with yummy-licious dinner with the great company. Once again, I will like to thanks you guys for the dinner (:
Arigato gozaimasu!

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