Sunday, August 28, 2011

KU DÉ TA @ Marina Bay Sands

Make my first visit down to KU DÉ TA @ Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. The bar was located at level 57 of the hotel.

Every part of the MBS make me feel awe!

I must say this is my first finest drinking. Feeling so classy now, what a chic experience.

Our verification.

It was rather an impromptu decision to come here as we only decided in the morning.

The rooftop view is stunning. It featured how the lion city looked at night.
The landscape is simply astounding!

What beat having a great chit-chat session with friends and at the same time savouring the view from Singapore’s most iconic bar?

Apart from the panoramic view of the city, the price is also very attractive too. Be sure that you are willing to spend more if you decided to come here.

We had a great chilling night at Hong Peng's house. Indeed showing his "great hospitality" as a host. (I bet lots of yours must have a question mark in your head now.)

We ordered Asahi Super Premium.

Can you guess how much we pay for each bottle?

Well, all of them were laughing at me la. Because my face was red like the red-faced warrior - Guan Yu (Guan Gong).

My face tend to turn red whenever I consume alcohol. Some say it's good, some say it's bad. Oops, maybe I have allergy to alcohol.

Drinking beer seems to keep me awake. It's 3am now and here I am still blogging. I wonder how many of you are still awake like me? Well, I wanna wait till Mr Yam Ah Mee to be out to anounce the Presidential Election result. An hour more to go.

"Go, Dr Tan!"

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