Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maybelline HyperCouture Fashion Show

So right after our lunch, we made our way to SOUL for the fashion show. My heart was full of anticipation as this was my first time attending a fashion show.

reaching SOUL entrance, the queue was already that long. We thought we were early, but apparantly other people were even earlier than us.

Though we were smiling happily in the picture. But in real, we were not well, were sweating like mad. We queued for nearly 40 minutes before entering.

Upon entering, the feel was instantly different. So cooling down here and clubbing atmosphere went up.

Steffi and I.

Lol. She was complaining that the music was too loud, very hard for us to chit-chat. So I told her that usually people came here to party and dance. Chit-chat must go to pub.

Argh, why hasn't the show start????

Shortly after that, Jessie and Linda was here.

We thought we had found a good spot, but actually it' not the case because as more and more get in. They found rows in front of us and our views were totally blocked except for one third of the body. So we decided to squeeze into crowds.

Maybelline is one of my favourite brands for cosmetics, I seriously love their products ♥

Finally, nearly another hour of waiting. The show began.

Here was the launch previews of the featured labels:


While waiting for them to change to their second label, there was a dance performance line up for us.

And while the models were doing their catwalk, the host was singing the song "billionaire".

This design is casual yet joie de vivre. It brings out the vitality of the model.

Oh everytime I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights.

The makeup artist shared with us the tips for using the Maybelline hyper sharp liner.

More and more exclusive collection.

Wow, her eyeliner art attracts my attention.

The boys were back again on stage. Lol, I was so afraid that they might fall down when dancing the stage was rather narrow and they kept jumping about.

I loved this vibrant dress.

So colourful and beautiful.

Colour play is clearly one of the fashion trends of 2011.

The show had come to an end. Headed to see the preview launch of the blogshops.

Spotted Joey and

Peishi at the event too.

So funny, while looking around, Steffi was telling me that's your friends. I turned and saw Joey and Peishi. I was like erm how you know.

Then she replied, I everytime see their photos on your blog.
Thanks Steffi for being my sweet reader ♥

All right, shall end my post here. Hope you guys have a nice Saturday too.

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