Monday, October 3, 2011

New Ubin Seafood Food Tasting Session

fter a tiring day at work, I made my way down to New Ubin Seafood 乌敏海鲜 restaurant for a makan session with my fellow friends. Treating yourself to good food is a great time to restore back all your energy lost.

Thanks Huney for inviting us to the seafood tasting session.

New Ubin Seafood is located at Block 27, Sin Ming Road, #01-174. [Inside Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A]

Gonna admit that finding the venue was a little challenging to us.

We were famished by the time we reached. So without further ago, lets begin the food feast:

First dish up: Pan Fried Baby Shrimps; Steamed Local Scallops & Poached Glass Prawns.

The shrimps and prawns are all wild caught. Thus, it allows the natural flavours to come forward. There is this originality of accent taste found of the steamed prawns. The shrimps is awesome and crispy, can't help to serve myself with more.

The scallops is equally good - juicy and chewy.

This is gonna be my favourite of all:

Salted Egg Squid & Salted Egg Oyster.

Juicy slices of pineapple cut squid and toss in a rich salted egg yolk sauce.

I liked the salted egg yolk sauce, it's rich in the taste, salty and yet sweet. The squid and oyster were wrapped within the thick salted egg yolk. It totally melt in the mouth. Way beyond excellent.

Everyone seemed to enjoy this dish as well. The plate was cleared within seconds.

Next up: Boss Bee Hoon.

All of us were fascinated by the name.The name came about becuase the Boss comes up with the receipe of Bee Hoon. A simple yet a difficult dish to cook. Lol. It's boss bee hoon, don't play play with it. It has spiciness in it.

Wanna be a boss?
Try Boss Bee Hoon to get some "boss" luck.

Smoke Pork Fried Rice

This is a signature dish in New Ubin Seafood as they cure and smoke their own pork.

The fried rice is very tasty, I finished every bits of it. I don't even add any sauce to spice up the fried rice, which is always what I did when eating fried rice.

you should try that when you visit the restaurant.

More and more platters coming up:

Right after that: BBQ Pork Ribs & Smoke Duck.

The dishes you couldn't miss in new ubin seafood.

The meat was succulent, juicy and delicious. It makes me wanna have more serving. A perfect dish to order for dinner.

On the other hand, the BBQ Pork Ribs are smoky and roasted. I had a hard time eating with chopstick, should have use my hand instead. I enjoyed the BBQ flavour, it gives out a roasted aroma.

Shovel Nose Ray Head.

Shovel Nose Ray is actually a well-known fish among the ardent fishermen. The fish is best-know for its fighting prowess - legendary.

How is it cooked?

The tip of the head is steamed in Hong Kong style, allowing it to retain its deliciously delicate cartilage.

The meat is super soft, chewy and rather bland.

Old Pungol Style Mee Goreng.

This is a very traditional old Pungol style Mee Goreng.

The dish is really hot and spicy for me, down myself with lots of water. But on the other hand, it helps to spice up my appetite.

Hokkien Mee Special

You must be thinkin how special is the hokkien mee. How different is it from the usual?

The hokkien mee is done to perfection with lots of deep fried pork bits and Koo Chye. The sauce is rather different. The sauce is rather thick compared to what I usually eat outside. It added flavours to the noodle, simply mouthwatering.

Credits: Jessica

German Style Crispy Pork Knuckle.

The pork knuckle served with 2 home made sauces - Red Wine Black Pepper and Thai Chilli.

I must say the meat is very juicy, I like it. Enjoyed the skin the most because it's crispy :P

US Ribeye Steak.

If you are steak lovers, you will love this. You can get to eat the perfect steak without having to break your arm and leg to pay the bill.

Their steaks ar broiled to perfection and served with Idaho Potato Wedges and caramelised onions.

Didn't get to eat the dish as I don't really take beef. But hearing the reviews from others, they do love the dish - the tenderness of the beef is just right for them. Everyone is preoccupied helping themselves with it.

Not only that, they used the leftover parts of the beef to turn it into a truly mouth watering beef dripping fried rice.

I personally think that this idea is pretty great. We should not waste food.

Classic Chilli Crab.

The reason why we are here.

Ubin's Chilli Crab served with freshly ground chillies and garlic to make the sauce so shiok when eaten with deep-fried mantou.

I loved how the mantou goes with the Chilli crab. Perfect for one another.

The sauce sparked off our tastebuds and the crab-meat is fantastic, it tastes refreshing.

Haven had chilli crab for a long time, been craving for it.

Another dish you couldn't miss:

Butter Cream Crab.

The dish that wins the heart of many of us. It hits just the right balance of richness as well as savoriness. It is not cloying rich now waterned down.
It contains a hybrid of cream, milk and ingredients that give it a pleasantly acidic after note.

I loved dipping the creamy sauce, couldn't resist it.

My stomach couldn't take in any more crabs, it's full of all the good food.

Last but not least: Yam Paste.

A traditional Teochew dessert done in a traditional way.

The succulent whole yams is steamed and then mashed with, gingko nuts, pumkin and coconut gravy on top.

A popular dish that I often see during dinner and banquet.

I have a sweet tooth, basically I love anything that is sweet. Loved the sweetness in yam paste. My yam paste is rather thick for me, should add more coconut gravy to thinner it.

That's the end of our food hunt session.

Thanks Michelle, the lady boss, for this sumptuous dinner. Every of us leave happily with a bloated stomach.

Thanks Nicholas for the invitation too.

Are you tempted to make your way down already?

It is located in t of the Sin Ming Industrial Estate, just off Thomson Road, New Ubin Seafood.

Block 27 Sin Ming Road (behind Block 26), #01-174Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A, Singapore 575680

(+65) 6466 9558

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