Sunday, September 18, 2011


The battle of round 1 begins:
The 8 countries will compete against one another in this first ever global fashion faceoff on the WORLD RUNWAY stage.
Each team will present 5 looks during the preliminary round and 4 teams will be selected to present their final 7 looks.
Theme for Round 1: Fashionable Street Chic Styl
Presenting to you the first team: France
Amina Abdala - Stylist
Karine Feron - Hair Designer
VirginieFeron - Make-up Designer
Classy look.

I loved these outfits, suitable for both work and play.
Start to pay more attention to office wear ever since I started working.

I loved their colour combination, it matched the outfits well.

This collection is my kind of style for street wear.

Seems like France is taking the safe approach, the design is rather normal.

Team 2: Italy

Morena - Stylist
Eugene Davis - Hair Stylist
Daikini - Make-up Artist

The model's makeup is so pretty and unique. So eye-catching.

Quite a creative collection and eyes fascinating moment.

Each and every of them brings out a different style of fashion wear.

Love looking at models doing the runway show, so elegant and graceful.

Team 3: USA

Bright and gorgeous.

Stocking is the latest trend now. Don't belittle it, it enhanced your overall look.

Color play is another "IN" trend to look out for.

Team 4: Japan

Takafumi Kawasaki - Stylist
Yuka Washizu - Make-up Artist
Chinatsu Nobe - Hair Stylist

Japanese collection is something that I always looked forward to see - loved japan product.

They paid attention to all the small details of the design. They make use of bright colour umbrella and hair accessories to add vibrant to the model.

Pretty inspiring.

Team 5: UK

Simon Setter - Hair Stylist
Mike Adler - Stylist
Begona Alegria - Make-up Artist

Wow, this is quite a daring design. I doubt people in Singapore will wear this out in street.

Wow, the details on the clothes caught my attention. It's really one of its kind, score double tick for creativity.

Sexy, chic and elegant.

Got to agree that their designs are stylish.

Team 6: Russia

Alexey Pantykin - Stylist
Aki Matsuhashi - Make-up Artist
Gordeev Vyacheslav - Hair Stylist

Totally stunt when the first model was out. For the first few second, I thought she was nude.
But I came to realise that she was wearing a thin piece of clothing.

This particular design has won the applause of the audience. See the hat alike design, it actually turn out to be a handbag. Interesting!

Couldn't take our eyes off her.

UK was taking the chic black approach, whereas Russia was undertaking the nude/light colour approach.

Team 7: Brazil

Marcia Amaral - Stylist
Flavia Gomide - Hair Stylist
Cida Nogiuera - Make-up Artist

Nice. I ♥ SG.

Wow, the model even brought their national flag out.

Bling bling design make the models so high and happy.

Team 8: Singapore

Jen Su - Stylist
Derrick Fun - Assistant Stylist
Antonio Cheng - Hair & Make-up Artist

Stylo design with stylo pose.

Lively and energetic colours bring out the style of Singapore. Not only that, they have make use of the headset as accessories. You can commonly see youngster on street with headset, we cannot live without music.

That sums up the end of round 1.

Time for a short break while the judges cracked their brains on choosing the 4 teams to proceed to the next round.

Stay tuned.

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