Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guinness Live PK Round 9 - YONGWEI vs WILLIS

Meet up with a group of friends and headed down to Firefly @ Marriot to support our blogger friend, Yong Wei, who took part in the Guinness Live.

Guinness Live is a PK competition featuring 12 contestants under the mentorship of 3 stage veterans, the stage is set for great music starting 10pm at Shanghai Dolly (Tuesdays), Dragonfly (Wednesdays) and Firefly (Thursdays)!

Cheers Guinness.

Before the competition begins, we entertained ourselves with some dices game.

Yong Wei's supporter.

Grabbed this photo from William (:

With GF. Missed her so much, finally she is back from her London trip.

With Terence. Had not meet him for quite some times too.

Firefly mentor: Fatt Zhai

With Yong Wei who is representing Team Dragonfly. Aw, Yong Wei's has a bandage over his right hand,

May the competition begins....

Please vote for Yong Wei at

The ultimate dark horse! Yong Wei still doesn't know how he ended up as a finalist in Guinness Live.
He was supposed to be covering the audition for his blog. When Guinness Live's music director Eric Ng heard him singing in the waiting room, he insisted he audition. To everyone's surprise – including Yong Wei's - he blew the judges away.
One of the most "outspoken" bloggers in Singapore, Yong Wei is a completely unknown quantity who has never even thought of becoming a professional performer.
He has the voice, but can he deliver in front of a real audience? Well, we are about to find out if this musical outsider is up to the challenge at Guinness Live.

Bringing us the song - 熱情的沙漠

我的熱情 啊 ! 好像一盆火 燃燒了整個沙漠....

Willis from Team Firefly.

Willis seems to handle the stage and audience pretty well. You will not see his nervousness.

Round 2: 我真的受伤了

Yong Wei seems to be a little nervous.
Go Yong Wei, you can do it!

After 3 rounds of PK is the announcement of result:

Willis (88) and Yong Wei (82)

Team Firefly won this round. Don't be dishearted, Yong Wei. You will perform better in the next round.

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