Friday, January 13, 2012

Air Rifle Shooting

I have a great time today at HomeTeam NS @ Bukit Batok. I have my first attempt for air rifle shooting, it's a pretty fun experience. So happy, mastered a new set of skill.

Shooter getting ready at the range.
The target board is actually very far from our range, approximately 10m. Must remain focus and put in extra concentration.
My result for 2nd attempt. Not too bad, within 8 to 10 points. Potential markswoman in the making.
Let's practice again.
Loading the bullet.
One disadvantage of using air rifle is only one bullet can be loaded at one time.

Wow, Shall Hui's pose looked so professional.

I'm ready to fire.
Keeping my hands and finger busy and steady.
Trying out these 3 different position to determine my best angle.
I still prefer the first position, more relaxing and shot more accruately.

Brushing up on my shooting skill.
Important rule: Do not place your finger in the trigger when not in use.
I love today's shooting, it's a lovely activity for us to get social and closer.

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