Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tiger Translate Suspended Animation Party

Happy mid-week everyone, it's Wednesday, it's time for a Tiger.

Together with a group of friends, we attended the latest Tiger Translate event at 15 Minutes Cafe located at LASALLE College of the Arts.

Organised as part of a new Tiger Translate Crystal Series launched here, the event was anchored by Tiger Crystal, a variant of world acclaimed and Singapore’s most popular beer brand, Tiger Beer.

GF and I enjoyed our refreshing Tiger Crystal upon entering.

And some figer food to go with the beer.

Tiger Crystal is my all time favourite, it has the fine and smooth taste.

Tiger Beer's babes.

With clique companion. I noticed a trend, whenever the 4 of us take picture together, this is always the position we stand.

With Terence. Thanks for helping us with the food.

Never fail to camwhore with GF at every event.

With HP boss.

Our group enjoyed the cosy event togethers the 300 guests present.

Done with our Tiger Crystal, we decided to head down to experience the music and art of suspended animation.

I'm gonna create my first motion art piece.

With Darren Dubwise from local group Syndicate and guest DJ Isaac Aesili from New Zealand performing a mix of cutting-edge beats throughout, guests were encouraged to draw out their personal expressions of creativity through art and music at interactive projections installed at the venue. These projections generated graphics based on motion and were able to display them as art pieces to produce different suspended animation works.

What we have to do is simply to be in front of each interactive wall and create a series of movements and gestures to produce their very own motion art.

Tiger Translate is basically about engaging the guests through a multi-sensory fusion of art, design and music. It provides the guests an audio-visual experience, in line with the global positioning of Tiger Translate as a platform to enrich and bring new perspectives to consumers’ beer experiences.

William enjoyed the beer too.

Cheers to Tiger.

For more information, please visit

With Clarie at the event. If I did not remember wrongly, this is the first time the two of us camwhore together. Grabbed the opportunity to take more.

Say cheese.

GF joins in the camwhoring fun too.

We looked stylish with the coolest beer.

Thanks Tiger Beer for the awesome event and awesome takeaway. We look forward to the next gathering with Tiger Beer.

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