Monday, April 23, 2012

Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2012 Closing Gala Event Part 2

So right after the fashion show, the guests proceed to the closing Gala Dinner. Time to fill our tummy after filling our eyes with MCM collection and handsome models.

Spotted Wei Shen at the event too.

Finally a photo with the baner behind. Last picture before we went in for our dinner.

The Gala Dinner was yet another meaningful dinner.
Because the money raised from the four-course gala dinner will go to National Cancer Research Fund immediately.

Time to dig in.

Check out the appetizer.

Mushroom soup.

Our main course.

The whole venue is nicely set up. The classy table setting alongside with th gorgeous ambience creates a wonderful dining experience for us.

Charity auction begins.

Many limited edition items such as MCM bag pack are being auctioned off to raise funds for the National Cancer Research Fund.

Caught sight of David Gan at the table in front of us. He is the one wearing a cap.

Wow, this handsome Korean model came to mingle at our table. He is a nice and friendly guy.

Omg, he is so tall and stylish. I felt like a drawf beside him. Must grab a solo picture with him.
Why Koreans are so good-looking???

With the awesome at my table.

The last course of our gala dinner. Dessert is always the best.

We caught a photo with Mrs Kim Sung Joo after the dinner. She is the chief executive of MCM Holdings.

The night is not gonna stopped here. We headed for the closing party next. Drink and dance your night away.

Totally enjoyed it. It was a magnificent night for me.
Hate that it is Monday tomorrow. I would love to stay up longer for the party. The party had just started!

Bumped into George Young again. We met each other again after a week.
He looked chic today ♥

The guys had a picture together too,

We had come to the end of Men's Fashion Week 2012. It was a great success, I am a;ready looking forward to Men's Fashion Week 2013.

Hope to see you guys back again next year.

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