Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clarke Quay Ladies' Night Out Launch Party

Together with buddies, we attended Clarke Quay Ladies' Night Out Launch Party organised by Elle Magazine at Aquanova.

It's Ladies' Night, it's time to enjoy!
Come pop by Clarke Quay, one of the hippest places for nightlife. Clarke Quay is a place which is quiet in the noon but very happening in the night.

While the guys were busy with other stuffs, I had a photo with GF.

Enjoying our glamorous pink colour Cointreau cocktail.

Although we just had our dinner before we came, we couldn't resist the yummy finger food served to us. Couldn't refrain myself from taking the onion rings,  it was delectable!

A happy me smiling away ~

Cointreau is a bitter yet sweet, warming and refreshing drink
We were surrendered to its charms.

Rocking live entertainment to blow away our Yellow Wednesday.

Earlier on, I mentioned that the guys were busy with other stuffs. Guess what they were busy with?

They were all fascinated with the tattoo body arts.

Ah Beng moment. Look what Tai Zheng has on his neck.

With Andrew and Tai Zheng. Aww, TZ had one on his hand too. The bunny was so cute!!!

They got me so tempted to try one on. Okay, I decided to have one tattoo on the end.

I got myself a Tripple X.
It looked so cool and awesome. If only I can have it at other parts of my body...........

The host of the night, Bobby Tonelli, got our attention.

It's time for fashion show.

Loved those bags. 
Carlo Rino offers a unique range of products that are classic, yet fashionable and contemporary.

Checked out the chic and fashion designed apparels from Bebe.

If you are a reader of my blog, you will know that I loved attending fashion show (:

Pink balloons made the venue looked so romantic and sweet.

Dessert time.

Simply love taking pictures.

Andrew and I were playing around with the glasses.

The yellow Carlo Rino bag looked great., excellent to bring out for party use.

Aww, super hot guy that melt my heart at first sight. How can I not have a picture with him?
So cute!!!!

It's a great place to chill out at Aquanova, we had an enjoyable night. Hope you guys have a great Wednesday night too.


  1. LOVE the 2nd last photo !! >w< ! hot guy !

  2. You were able to bring guys with you as the second invite? I'm going to my first tomorrow and saw it said "a pair of invites.". Me and another girl? Or could it be a guy? Thanks!

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, you can bring a guy along as your second invite.



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