Saturday, July 21, 2012

LoveMore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask

After a hectic week, my skin are so dry and tensed up.
Therefore, I need a good sheet mask to treat and pamper my skin.

And LoveMore came to the rescue.

LoveMore is one of the Best Selling Mask Brands in Taiwan and is endorsed by Taiwan Pop Princess -Cyndi Wang Xin Ling, 王心凌.

Not only that, they are being featured in 女人我最大, a Taiwanese variety show.

Our skin deserves the best of all ingredients!! 

Lovemore brings us yet another great premium-ingredient mask that offers us a sparkling skin indulgence.

Now we can get smoother and fairer skin. Get a step closer to being Snow White with Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask!

LoveMore has launched their brand new DIRECT IMPORT SERIES.
Specially enriched with the award-winning SYN®-HYCAN, the masks use the best, freshly harvested ingredients directly imported from their place of origins to give the best pampering effect.

Trying to find out the goodness in it.

Bearing fruits with high anti-oxidant, Pomegranate tree grows in harsh weather to give par excellence fruits. It is great rejuvenating formula for your skin.

The mask also provide instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits where our skin will feel clearer and smoother.

I loved the pink packaging. They looked so sweet.

LoveMore Mediterranean Pomegranate Lifting & Whitening Mask is now selling at $8.90 for a box which contain 5 pieces of masks.

Main ingredients:

- Pomegranate Extract
- Co-enzyme Q10
- Hyaluronic Acid

Wow, can you see how thin the sheet mask is???
It is so translucent! Nevertheless, my skin still felt moisturize with the rich essence after use.

My review: I'm amazed by this thin sheet of mask. Usually I had this thinking that the thicker the better as it can hold more essence. But the think sheet mask also have the same remarkable result. My skin felt  supple and hydrated.

My skin is instantly rejuvenated with fresher and brighter complexion.
The mask also give a sweet-scent of smell and this has a soothing effect.

I need to do masks more often to maintain healthy glowing skin.

Want to find out more about the products, please visit

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