Friday, June 22, 2012

Resort World Sentosa Convention Centre - Compass Ballroom

I would be attending a dinner tonight at Resort World Sentosa Compass Ballroom. So there was some preparation to be done.

Usually in the morning when I wake up, I will only apply my skincare routine and head to work. Thus, I always went to work with my nude face. I know I'm a lazy person, I did not set aside time for makeup as I prefer to sleep some more.

So I brought along my contact lens and makeup pouch with me today.

In da bus, we were all ready to set off.

With Khadijah. We had so much fun today putting on makeup together.

If today's theme is movie character, then I shall be Women In Black. 
Bang! Bang! Bang!

While waiting, lets take a group snap.

Boon Teck was trying out the 大头娃娃 mask.

Lately, I'm into the mask fever.
Loved trying them out.


Got ourselves seated ad it's time to dig in:

First dish up:

RWS Appetizer Delight

Mini California with Ebiko topping, deep fried prawns and chicken bean curd roll, sliced topshell with Thai chilli, sliced smoked duck breast, Ebi popcorn.

Traditional Thick Soup with Seafood Treasures.

Shredded sea cucumber, crabmeat, black fungus, shredded mushrooms, dried scallop.

"Ma-La" Szechuan Style Roasted Chicken.

Steamed Live Sea Bass in Spring Onion Soy Sauce.

Stir-Fried Prawns with Celery and Bell Pepper in XO Sauce.

Braised "Bai Ling" with Seasonal Vegetables in Brown Sauce.

E-fu Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat, Garlic Chive.

Chilled Longan with Sea Coconut and Aloe Vera.

Feeling so full after dinner, so I wanted to go back home and rest. So I gave it a to join the others to St. James.

It's getting late now, time to sleep. 
Night, everyone.

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