Monday, July 23, 2012

Estee Lauder: Every Woman Can Be Beautiful

Attended Estee Lauder Makeover Preview Night which took place at Paragon Atrium.
GF and I had a truly ultimate beauty experience with Estee Lauder.

This was my second time doing a makeover. Let me recall when was my first time?
Argh, it was quite sometimes back when I did a photo shoot in school.

I loved doing photo shoot. It's so fun!

Every woman can be beautiful.

Yes, I believe that every woman can be beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Some people are born natural beauty while some people need the power of makeup to make them look confident.

Let Estee Lauder show you how I become beautiful at a celebration of beauty.

Thanks GF for bringing me to the exclusive preview night. We enjoyed our makeover session.

So what's in the makeover package?

- Choose a look that suits your lifestyle for your makeover.
- Professional hairstyling
- Photo shoot

Registration cost is $120 with redeemable Estee Lauder products at the event.

I love photo shoot and this photo is so pretty!!!

Smile and be confidence of yourself, and you will look beautiful.

Didn't took many photos at the event because I was busy throughout the event, going to the different station to get my hair and makeup done. My makeup artist really did a great job, I love the smokey eye makeup she put on for me. Not only that, I love my smooth hair that the two young male hair stylists had done for me. So fortunate to have two stylists doing my hair (:

Are you excited to see what's inside the door gift???

ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Nail Lacquer Tempting Melon

Wow, that's a really pretty sweet colour. It matched well with my outfit of the day. I need to find my free time to polish my nails with the tempting melon nail lacquer and show it to everyone.

ESTEE LAUDER Sensuous Nude
Eau de Parfum Spray

It is being awarded as "Best Women's Scent"2012 CEW Awards.

A new dimension in sensuality for today's woman. 
Modern, intimate and feminine, like a second skin.
Wrap yourself in the sensuality of sultry Woods and Musks, delicate Muguet, Sicilian Bergamot and Baie Rose.

I love the fragrance, it's rather a unique smell.
Sweet and feminine.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick- Bois De Rose

Lipstick makes a woman sensual, powerful and kissable.
Enriched with lip-loving ingredients, including apricot kernel, shea butter and murumuru butter that leave lips soft and creamy smooth.

Color is so incredible, it leaves your lips wanting more. I love the long lasting colour.

I experienced how Estee Lauder make a woman look her most beautiful, have you?

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