Monday, July 30, 2012

On board Singapore Flyer on my birthday

When everyone else is either working or studying, I found myself along Marina Bay on a Monday afternoon.
Felt so peaceful and carefree to be here on a weekday as weekend is always packed with people.

I felt like a tourist that day, visiting the places of attraction at Marina Bay and blended well among the tourists. Didn't have the chance to go on holiday this year, so I went on an instant getaway to Marina Bay on my birthday to relax and enjoy myself.

So right after our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market, we make our way down to Singapore Flyer.

Do you know that Singapore Flyer is the world's largest giant observation wheel?

Strategically located as part of the bustling developments of Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer presents a moving experience at every turn with amazing 360-degree panoramic sights of Singapore.

I can't wait on board the Flyer and capture all the special moments around Singapore Flyer.

Experiencing Journey of Dreams by Singapore Flyer where guests will enjoy an immersive experience through the use of interactive multimedia and an intimate storytelling format told.

Oh yes, we finally board the Flyer. Let the amazing journey begins.

Singapore Flyer is a must-see and compelling visitor destination in Asia that showcases the mesmerizing cosmopolitan cityscape of the tropical Lion City, and even the surrounding of Indonesia and parts of Malaysia.

With Kai Pin. Thanks for accompany me today.

That's just awesome. We had a capsules with just 6 people in it, that's so exclusive!

We caught a bird's eye view of the pulsating F1 Grand Prix race circuit.

No idea why but I'm been down lately, there is this deep loneliness that buried deep in me.

And yes, we were reaching the high point soon. 
Can you see the view of the world class waterfront attraction behind me?

It offers an extraordinary views of our beautiful city.

We were now at 165m from the ground, that was equivalent to 42 storeys high.

Towering at165 metres above an extensive spread of water and the fascinating Singapore cityscape. It is indeed an unique experience.

Feeling the pulse of the urban city and witness its growth alongside new developments.

A sea of greenery.

Caught sight of Garden by the Bay. That's gonna be my next place of attraction to visit.

The Float @ Marina Bay.
The world's largest floating stage.

After the ride, we went over to Youth Olympic Park.

Admiring the beauty of Marina Bay Sands. I can never be tired of the view here.

Expectation is just disappointment in disguise.
So the best way to stay happy is don't expect.

Last but not least, happy birthday to me ♥


  1. Hey, a belated birthday wish to you over here.

    ~Happy Birthday to you~



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