Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 7's Concert - Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 明星学院

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is the hottest talent quest to hit Singapore!

Finally I make my first visit down to Dragonfly for my first Sunilk Academy Fantasia concert. Sunilk Academy Fantasia was in its seventh round with only 7 contestants left on stage.

Thanks Sunsilk Academy Fantasia for reserving us a seat.

Brought Grace along with me. She had gave her first time to me. Ehem ehem, not what you are thinking of. This was actually her first visit to Dragonfly and to a nightclub.

We need to catch up more often (:

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia is a 360-degree platform spanning TV, Web and Mobile. 

Featured on an exclusive Sunsilk Academy Fantasia channel (StarHub TV Channel 110), the programme will have two encore telecasts and daily programme recaps. It will also be aired on E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/825).

Viewers may catch weekly concerts streamed via StarHub Internet TV and Mobile TV. Exclusive behind-the-scene footages and contestant blogs will be made available on Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s Facebook on

For the latest gossips and highlights, fans can follow tweets on #AcademyFantasia as well as contestant twitter accounts.

Live recording was about to begin.

An opening performance by all the 7 contestants: 

Vee, age 22
Hui Xian, age 19
Chloe, age 27
Zhang Chi, age 18
ET, age 24
Irwin, age 25
Jun Yang, age 20

Let's show our support to these contestants. It really take a lot of courage and determination to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your dream.

The three judges.

Cannot deny the fact that Zhang Chi was so hilarious. Today's theme was English songs and he had some difficulty coping with English.

He had make use of all the English words he knows and ask the audience to vote for him:

"I love you father. 
I love you mother.
I love you Singapore."

Catch the contestants' every move, on the first live channel on StarHub as they transform into the next biggest singing star. Keep them in the competition by voting for your favourite Sunsilk Academy Fantasia singer!

End of the post with our dinner at Kim Gary.

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