Friday, November 2, 2012

SingTel brought 2NE1 to Singapore for surprise performance at Clarke Quay

Something Amazing is about to happen!

If you have been following on Singtel Facebook, you will know that something amazing's going to happen at Clarke Quay on 2 November 2012.

Did you catch the teaser video by 987fm DJ - Muttons and The Noose character Barbarella by Michelle Chong.

Judging from the video, a K-Pop group will be here at Clarke Quay, Singapore for a secret performance. Everyone was feeling puzzled and excited as we were all keep in suspense. Even my friends and I were discussing too:

Friend: "Hey, you got any idea who is coming?"
Me: "I got no idea! I didn't heard of any k-pop group coming to Singapore for performance on Friday."


And just one day before the event, 2NE1 members - Park Bom and Sandara Park were spotted at Marina Bay Sands doing some shopping. The news were quickly spread out through facebook and twitter that the girls were in Singapore. I remembered coming across a tweet that caught my attention:

"How can 2NE1 come to Singapore without any notice???"

With the news that Bom and Dara were spotted, many were speculating that 2NE1 will be at Singtel hologram event.

Continue reading to find out more:

I was already standing in front at the stage as early as 6.30pm. One more hour to go to witness the amazing things happening.

GF and I were feeling excited. 
I an a huge fans of k-pop.

Members of the press were here as well. 

At 6.30pm, Read Bridge was already crowded with fans.
As word of 2NE1's appearance quickly spread online, more than 1000 excited K-Pop fans flocked to the bridge to watch their idols perform a high-energy set. What's more, the performance was sponsored by Singtel.

Muttons were the host of the night.
Time checked: It's 7.30pm, they were going to bring the secret group out. 

Are you ready?

2NE1 in the house:

From left to right: Dara, CL, Park Bom and Minzy.

The super-group 2NE1 gave a surprise performance at Read Bridge. This event was organised by SingTel as part of an innovative brand campaign, the unannounced performance sent the busy crowds in the Clarke Quay and Singapore River area into a frenzy.

Crowds also gathered on giant outdoor screens at Knightsbridge, Bugis Junction, JCube and Toa Payoh Hub to watch the performance live.

To ensure that no fans missed out, SingTel leveraged its multimedia capabilities to stream live footage of the performance through its new Amazapp mobile app. 

The cutting-edge app also offers exclusive unreleased videos that give fans a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of band members. SingTel also aired the showcase live via mio TV, as well as its website and Facebook page, thus providing fans with several ways to experience the event. 

Fans can download recordings of the performance through SingTel's award-winning AMPed music service, as well as a variety of mobile ringtones and wallpaper.

The mobile application, Amazapp indeed live up to its name.
The surprise performance by 2NE1 brough joy to fans through amazing experiences.

As mentiom, the showcase was part of a new brand campaign to demonstrate SingTel’s transformation into a multimedia company that goes beyond traditional telco services to offer content-rich services that enhance and simplify customers' lives. The performance was the first of a series of technology-enhanced events organised by SingTel to delight its customers and showcase its multimedia capabilities.

We love K-Pop!

2NE1 had sang us 3 songs: “I Don’t Care”, “Fire”, “Can’t Nobody”

Super love the song "I Don't Care".
How about you, what's your favourite song?

 Oh Muttons, please bring 2NE1 back to the stage again.
3 songs were definitely not enough.


Oh yes, the girls were out again.
Park Bom has cut her hair short to shoulder length. Minzy too, she has cut her hair even shorter. 

Seeing the girls at such a close distance made me high.

2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012 concert will be held on 1st December 2012.

Have you gotten your tickets?

Not to worry if you have not, because Singtel is giving away 200 pairs of tickets to the concert. For more information, please visit

Took a video of 2NE1 performing: I am the best.
Hope you like it.

Can't wait for 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012.
I want to attend too!!!

2NE1 last song: I don't care.

Want to get your access to 2NE1 exclusive videos and photo slideshows?

Remember to download AmazApp. It is an entertainment app from SingTel which deliver an amazing experience to you. 

AmazApp is the key to unlocking your SingTel experience. Get first-hand access to exclusive video content, participate in location based contests to earn badges and stand chances to win exciting prizes!

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Last but not least, I will like to thanks Singtel for organising this surprise performance which bring fans up close and personal with our favourite stars. I had a great night with 2NE1 and Singtel.

Unlock your Singtel experience.

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