Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Trip to Singapore Zoo Part 2

Continuing my post on Singapore zoo, we are now embarking on the next half of the zoo:

Wow, within an hour, we had already finished half of our journey.

Next, we arrived at Rainforest Kidzworld.
Wow, it was the kids' heaven where they had a splashing good time in a watery playground, spend time with farmyard animals.

At the pony stable.
They looked so poor thing, they had to be separated one in a cubicle.

The cute little goat came close to us. 

There were actually so many little goats.
The zookeeper treated them really good. He hugged the little goats and patted them.

The little boy was feeding the goat with some grasses.

I wanted a shot with the goats too. 
The weather was blazing hot. I need to seek some shelter.

Finally we found a shelter.

We were now at the African Penguin zone.
Surprisingly, the African Penguins like warm weather. All of them were up sun-tanning. 

Found one swimming in the deep water. Did I mention before that penguin is my favourite species of birds.

Both of us had a great time visiting the animals. 
Missing the old good time when we hang out together.

The place offered a magnificent view of Seletar Reservoir.

Living in a fast paced society, we always have to quicken our pace in order to catch up with everybody. But sometimes in life, we need to take a break too and take a look at the beautiful surrounding around us. 

We were now at Elepants of Asia waiting for the animal show.
Despite being there 20 minutes earlier than the showtime, we could not found any seat left. So we stood all the way - hot and tiring.

Sit back and enjoy the pictures:

Catch the elephants in action.

Providing unobstructed views of the elephant’s playground, this exhibit is equipped with a number of enrichment devices such as play logs to challenge our elephants physically and to stimulate them mentally.

The residential elephants were all female. They came from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia.
The elephants were all trained in Sri Lankan language.

All of them were moving into the water and came close to the audience.

I just saw the zookeeper threw the whole papaya into the elephant's mouth. Wow, that was how big their mouth is.

The front few rows were warned as it was the splashing zone.

The area was fronted by a generous water pool where the audience might find the elephants taking a dip or playfully showering each other, even between shows!

Look, the audience came prepared. Umbrella defence.

Time to see the elephants at work. 
See how it balanced walking on a log.

The elephants were all tired and they went to sleep except for the last one.

And when the other three elephants woke up, she went to sleep.
So funny.

On our way down, we met the grey kangaroo.
It could hop around with great speed. 

The kangaroo was happily eating the grass and ignored us.

Aww, the white tiger was sleeping. Too bad, I couldn't see strolling about or lounging around.

The last animal, Babirusa.
The word "Babi" suggests, it belongs to the pig family. Babirusa is actually a Malay word, it means pig-deer.

We had completed our zoo trail. We left Singapore Zoo with aching legs and sweat all over.
Nevertheless, it was still a fulfilling trip. I love weekend like this where I spent quality time with my friend.

Look forward to weekend.


  1. Very informative article. Your post helped me to have clear insight about the tourist places in Singapore. It helped me to plan my tour well in advance. Can u please update more details on Singapore Zoo Ticket Price

    1. Hi Manoj,

      Glad you find this useful. I have 2 more posts on Singapore Zoo - and

      Ticket price is SGD$32 per adult and SGD$21 for children aged 3 to 12 years old.



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