Monday, June 17, 2013

The launch of Delifrance Michelin Sandwich

Bread has always been a staple food in my life.
I have it almost everyday for breakfast.

Delifrance was one of my favourite cafe that I loved to hang out at. I love the tarts very much, they are so yummy and delicious.
Delifrance offers a variety of concepts and serves a wide range of authentic French treats, from legendary baguettes and croissants, to generously-filled, signature sandwiches and exquisite tarts, cakes and pastries.

And this year, Delifrance is celebrating their 30 years anniversary of bringing authentic French bakery fare to Asia.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement, Delifrance have launched it's first-ever Michelin sandwich - the Le Paris-Singapore, to thank the long-time supporters who have grown up with the brands over the past 30 years. The sandwich was created by renowned 1-star Michelin chefs, Jacques and Laurent Pourcel from France.

"Le Paris-Singapore" sandwich (a la carte) is priced at $10.80.

To compliment the new "Le Paris-Singapore" sandwich, Delifrance has also created two special sparkling drinks - Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Spritz (picture on the left) and Le Spicy Mangue Collins (picture on the right).

The sparkling drinks (a la carte) are price at $5 each.

Customer can now pair the sparkling drinks together with the Michelin sandwich for the complete French gastronomic experience at the price of $12.80.

Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Spritz is an extremely light and refreshing combination of ripe pink grapefruit, subtle elderflower, lime wedges and sprite.

While Le Spicy Mangue Collins is a thirst quenching and interesting blend of mango mad lime with a slight hint of chilli. It is really one of its kind, I could actually the spice in the drink.

I personally preferred the Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Spritz. It tasted refreshing good.

Canapes were served while waiting for the event to start.
I loved the tarts and macaroons, they were delicious and tempted my tastebuds.

We were so honoured to have Chef Jacques Pourcel here in Singapore to join us in the celebration of Delifrance's 30th anniversary. 

To celebrate this special occasion, Chef Jacques Pourcel will share with us a live demostration on the making   of Michelin Sandwich.

After the demonstration by Chef Jacques Pourcel, it's time for some hands-on and create our very own Le Paris-Singapore sandwich.

We used French Rustic Baguette that was specially imported from France. The softness of the stone-baked rustic baguette adds on lightness and a delicate aroma of fresh cream and sweet almond to the whole creation.

The ingredients needed for Le Paris-Singapore Sandwich:

- Mayonnaise & oyster spread
- French baby spinach
- Roasted chicken marinated with Thai chili sauce
- Pineapple slices
- Wakame (Japanese Algae)

Jasmine and I were having domestic fun in the sandwich making.
Do we have the housewife look?

My end product.

With a mix of artisan French authentic bakery and an Asian flavour, Le Paris-Singapore is an unique association between mayonnaise & oyster spread which bring roundness to the Thai chilli roast chicken. The tantalising taste is then reinforced by the Wakame and juicy pineapple slices. 

Thanks Jas for the lovely photo.
We were so happy to bag home with our handmade sandwich for breakfast the next day.

How can we miss taking photo with the renowned Michelin Chef, Jacques Pourcel?
Gonna thank Jas again for the photo :P

Thanks Malcolm for tagging us the group photo.

We had lots of fun in making the sandwich and every mouth of the sandwich tasted so good. I love the French Rustic Baguette, especially the crispy crust texture.

That's all for my post but before I end it, I will like to say:

Happy 30th years anniversary to Delifrance.

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