Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting In Singapore

Something kept me excited for the night to come!

It's Lee Kwang Soo first Fan Meeting in Singapore. 
I was so happy and thrilled about it.
I get to know Lee Kwang Soo through the famous Korean Variety Show, Running Man, which I started watching from the start of 2012 and I love it since then. Every episode never fail to get me bursting into laughter. I like the episode on Olympic:  Running Man cast vs idol group and also the one with Girls Generation. Share with me which is your favourite episode.

The Fan Meet was held at Festive Grand Theatre @ Resorts World Sentosa.
Though I had been to RWS countless of time, but this was my first time going to Festive Grand Theatre.

It was really crowded that day with people going for the fan meet and casino.

I must say we are indeed the lucky group of people because Kwang Soo had dedicated his first ever overseas fan meeting to Singapore. He is also the third Running Man member that came to Singapore. Didn't had the chance to meet Kim Jong Kook and HaHa previously, I was elated to have the opportunity to come for this.

We settled ourselves down inside the Festive Grand Theatre. It was really huge.

After rounds of cheering, our Asia Prince was finally out with the song "Hug" by TVXQ.

Credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

Kwang Soo had attracted 1,300 fans that night with a well mix of guys and girls. Usually when I went for kpop fan meet, 90% of the fans were mainly girls. But for Kwang Soo, it is a totally different case. Regardless of young and old, male or female, everybody just love him.

Credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

How could he not show his signature robot dance when coming to Singapore?
He never failed to charm the audience with his little action.

Kwang Soo was very nervous that day. He was caught laughing in embarrassment in between his performances and saying "I am sorry!"

That was really cute of him.

All right, time for fans interacting session.
Kwang Soo will be demonstrating 5 different pose and the audience will learn these five signature move along with him.

Credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

The last pose was heart. The fans did it well.

After which , the audience had all stand up to play a game with Kwang Soo.

It's a telepathy game. Kwang Soo was back facing the audience and the audience will have to guess which pose Kwang Soo will be doing. Those who did not guess correctly will be eliminated from the game. The game went on and on until the last 10 fans standing. They won themselves a photo-taking with their idol. 

Do you know that Kwang Soo can play keyboard?
He then serenade the fans with his second song - “Because I love you”.

It's time for a little chat and understand Kwang Soo better.

Facts about Lee Kwang Soo:

 - Standing at a height of 1.9 meters tall.
- Has a younger sister.
- Do not play guitar.
- Good at drinking.
- Allergic to gingko nuts.

Credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

Though he may not has the look like those kpop idol groups, but Kwang Soo has his own charm that draws me towards him.

Knowing that their youngest member had traveled to Singapore alone for his first fan meet, the Running Man members each has a message for Kwang Soo.

I like Gary's message, so cute. He wanted us to have fun together with the Giraffe, betrayer Kwang Soo.

Kim Jong Kook previously held a fan meeting in Singapore. He said that he was warmly welcome and felt really happy. He believed Kwang Soo was having the same feeling right now.

That was really so nice of them.

Credits to Faith & D Entertainment.

During Kwang Soo's last song "I Believe",  he surprised the fans by walking up to the audience seat. Omg, I was really lucky. I managed to shake hand with Kwang Soo. Super happy!!

Another memorable thing we did for him that day was our Singapore famous "Kallang Wave". He had even recorded down the video of "Kallang Wave" in his mobile phone and he is gonna bring it back to show the Running Man casts.

Kwang Soo ended off the fan meet by thanking all the fans for coming down to support him and creating a memorable experience for him.

Hope to see Kwang Soo back in Singapore again. Thanks for the great night.

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