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Ground Zero 放射空間 "Simple Life" 簡單生活 Album Launch Showcase

The Taiwanese Indie Band, Ground Zero 放射空間, has came to visit Singapore over the weekend.

 Welcome to Singapore.

Ground Zero 放射空間 were in Singapore for a series of  promotion activities.

Founded in 2010, Ground Zero started out performing at major events in Taiwan, which has led them to garner a huge fan base of 4,000 over fans since their band’s inception.

With their rising popularity in the region, Ground Zero was invited to perform at Spring Wave Music Festival in Singapore on 7 June 2014, alongside with Chriz Tong, a Singapore singer, who has been recently crowned as the “Queen of Drama Theme Songs”.

On 8 June 2014, Ground Zero had their “Simple Life” Album Launch and Music Showcase.

Thanks The Red Planet Group for the invitation, I had the opportunity to attend Ground Zero 放射空間 "Simple Life" Album Launch Showcase held at Hark Performing Studio.

Being a music lover, I was feeling excited to attend the launch and to meet & greet the band in person.

Ground Zero established their unique own style of music by adopting a plain American-rock style of music.
They kickstart the launch showcase with an English song - "Breakeven" by The Script.

During the showcase, they have sang quite a number of English songs which includes "Won't go home without you" by Maroon 5. I actually kind of taken aback when I first hear it, because many of the Taiwanese are not English speaking. That's why I was surprised that they are proficient in English.

Ray shared with us that if they liked a particular English song, they will learn and sing it too.

Let me introduce the members to you:

Ray 谢瑞翎 (sitting in front)
Lead Vocals / Guitar 主唱/吉他

Shin 小欣 [林欣逸] (sitting at the back)
Drummer 鼓手

Ivan [杨沛寰] (sitting in front)
Guitar / Backing Vocals 吉他/和音

Jason 连致陞 (sitting at the back)
Bass 贝司

Laid back and groove along with their music.

Life is never easy, so Ground Zero gives you "Simple Life".

 Come and  listen to 簡單生活.

The lyric was written by Ray, the music was composed by Ray and Ivan.

I like this song very much, it talks about the simple life that I always yearn for.
Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you just want to get away from it all. This song describes it all:

偶而run away

I was so impressed by their talents. They wrote their songs, they composed their music and they make their own music. They played a part in all the 12 songs in their album.

Totally incredible right?
We should show our support to them.


When I first know that Ground Zero had saved up their funds and used it to come to Singapore for album promotion, I was being touched by their great passion in music. They had the enthusiasm in them to go around visiting different cities and spreading this little happiness. I could see they had worked very hard in putting their dreams in action.

You can show them your support by purchasing their album - 簡單生活.

Photo credits to Steven Teo for The Red Planet Group LLP.

The album launch showcase ended with a group photo together with Ground Zero 放射空間.
The launch was a great success. Yeah!

Right after the showcase, we went to the backstage for an up close interview session with Ground Zero.

Initially, we were kind of nervous. But the members were very friendly, we become more at ease after that and we just treat it like normal chit-chatting.

They shared with us about the reason behind the group name, the collaboration with Chriz Tong at the Spring Wave Festival, the experience of taking MRT during the peak hour and also the upcoming plan.

Thanks Derrick for the photo.

After the interview session, we took a group photo with Ground Zero again.

In the midst of getting my album signed by Ivan. 

Cheeky 小欣 who is always camera ready.
Gotcha in action.

The signed album.

End off the post with my solo photo with Ground Zero.

Thank you Ground Zero for the great performance put up during the album launch, I enjoyed myself very much. Look forward to more showcase and concert of Ground Zero in Singapore soon.

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