Thursday, October 2, 2014

Intel Mobility - Performance Matters at PasarBella

What matters to you when coming to buy a tablet?

To me, performance is a key factor in my decision because I don't like when I am surfing the web, watching videos or playing games halfway and the performance is lagging.

Let's find out more at Intel event held at PasarBella @ The Grandstand.

Actually more cores in a processor do not equal to better performance, fewer cores can be more efficient or powerful than more because it is not the number of cores that matter, but the quality of those cores.

For those who may not know what is a core, a core is the part of a processor that processes instructions for the computer.

Intel's core processors are based on a 64-bit architecture, instead of a 32-bit one. That means it can compute more data and better performance than 32-bit processor.

Intel also used a technique "Intel Hyper-Threading Technology" to improve the chips' multitasking ability. This Intel technology allows the stream of instruction to be split up and processed simultaneously by different cores. 

Power consumption or battery life are also an important consideration when purchasing a tablet. Generally, the more cores, the higher the power consumption. Intel products optimize between these factors to give great performance together with power efficiency.

After the presentation, it's time for dinner.
But we need to earn the dinner ourselves through a food hunt. 

We were given a board with 9 different food pictures, we were required to locate the stalls selling the food inside Pasarbella Farmers Market. Each quest completed will earn us an alphabet sticker to guess the 9 alphabet characters.

At every stall, we have to answer a question relating to Intel. Only correct answer will be given the food and sticker.

This is so cute.

Tadah, we managed to locate all the food and complete the food hunt.
Mission accomplished.

Here's what we have for dinner.


My first time having Pomegranate cake. It looked very appetising. With the Pomegranate, every mouth tasted crunchy.

We went back home with a retro shopping bag. Thank you for having us at the event.

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