Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ricciotti 10th Anniversary Party - Benvenuti Casa

Happy 10th anniversary to Ricciotti.

Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Deli was first opened at The Riverwalk in October 2004. It has since proven to be as the destination of choice for authentic and affordable Italian gourmet food and pastries in Singapore. Here I was at Ricciotti, the Riverwalk for the anniversary party.

In conjunction with the 10 years milestone, Ricciotti has unveiled a whole new concept, design and menu with the theme "Benvenuti Casa", it means "Welcome Home". Ricciotti is setting up to be a place for everyone – singles, couples, families or friends – to gather and celebrate life.

To match the outlet’s Italian facelift, their menu was also revamped to showcase its premium offerings. Time to kickstart the feast.

Here's what we have for appetizers: Carpaccio Di Polpo, Asparagi Alla Griglia, Polenta Herb Fries, Panzerotti and Nizzarda Salad.

Everything on the plate was so delicious. 
Nizzarda Salad was my favourite of all. I love the fresh tuna loin and quail egg.

Do not be little this curry puff-like Panzerotti. It was actually pizza dough stuffed with chef creation.

Pasta selection from left to right: Spinach Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cheese, Arborio Rice with Seafood and Crab Meat Linguine.

I can't decide which was my favourite: Arborio Rice or Linguine. Both were so delectable. 

The mussels were really fresh and succulent while the Arborio Rice gave a creamy taste that was to my liking.

The crab meat linguine with chili and tomato cream was delicious, the sweet and spicy flavours were infused together to give the perfect taste. Thumb up!

The new Ricciotti offers a experiential dining where consumers can enjoy food, art, music and other cultural experiences, bringing a new cultural dimension for Italian dining.

Ricciotti has on-going collaborations with Italian artists from different backgrounds to make the restaurant’s dining concept a more holistic one, surrounding the theme of Italian culture. The artist at work now.

Next was our main course - Cod Fillet, Chicken Skewers and Grilled Pork Ribs.

I love cod fillet the most. It was soft and tender on the inside, slight crunchy on the outside. It was well marinated and the taste was just right. 

Porcini mushroom pizza with cow's milk cheese. 
A pretty decent dish that family friendly. Everyone love it.

Here comes Tartufo Pizza, the black truffles pizza with quail eggs and mushrooms.
The truffle fragrance was infused into the pizza, bringing out the strong flavour and it tasted yummy. 

Dinner will never be complete without desserts.
We had dessert platters consisting of Soffiatto, Canella Sweet Pizza, Tiramisu and Carrot Cake.

Soffiatto was everybody's favourite at my table. We just love the Dark Chocolate Molten Cake with Stracciatella Gelato, it was a great combination. Every bite was filled with the rich flavour of chocolate. Chocolate lovers definitely will love this.

The tiramisu has rich coffee taste to my liking.

My first time discovering dessert pizza. The canella sweet pizza has cinnamon sugar and raisins that was mouth-watering, perfect to have it for dessert.

With this, it marked the end of the celebration party. 
Ricciotti is definitely a warm and cosy place to enjoy my meal and hang out together with friends after work or on a weekend. Do pop by the restaurant if you are free.

Ricciotti Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road 
#B1-49/50, The Riverwalk 
Singapore 058416 

Tel: (65) 6533 9060
Opening hours: Opens daily: 10am to 11pm

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  1. The coffee tiramisu looks yummy! I am craving for dark choc now!



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